Banned after android update

Last night my Huwaeii updated as scheduled and this morning I could not open the scanner. I thought there was a general issue with login to Prime and had heard of other players that had experienced issues after android updates, so I asked around in my local community and got some advice in terms of restarting phone, reinstall app and so forth, but to no avail. So I opened a ticket and much to my surprise, I got a standard answer back that my account had been banned due to some unspecified breech of TOS or guidelines and was presented to an array of possible rules I should have violated, but none specific. Also, I had not gotten any mails or messages from Niantic adviceing me that my account was to be terminated and why. I requested an review of the case through an appeal I posted some 4 hrs ago and now I'm about two hours from losing my sojourner (which I am in dire need of in order to fer a missing platinum medal for lvl16).... What can/shall I do? I am dead sure of not breaking any rules and chalk this whole incident up to some issues with my Huwaeii android and Ingress Prime. Please advice!



  • How come I get no response here? I have been off the game now for 36 hrs at least. Sojourner is out the window now so that has to be adressed too. What bugs me is I filed an appeal and clearly gave info that the bann came to effect after an automatic update and that my phone is an android, make Huwaei model P20. I suck at tech and know very little about what does what or what don't fit into whom, so I don't expect that I would be the one having to proove my innocence, right? How do you give proof of not doing a crime? I want this issue to be resolved so I can go back at doing agent stuff, because now the other fraction is chewing at my turf! @NianticBrian

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