There was more Nemesis in that Trailer?

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Hi agents and @Truthseeker

After the 28days Nemesis Story we can have an updated point of view on Nemesis trailer. When exit we didn't know nothing about nemesis... and for sure we look characters only like they be from Osiris Node.


Now some clues ring me a bell:

  1. Myriad/kureze build the berriers that block exogenous to invade other worlds and also the barriers thet block Osiris in the bubble: Is possible that Miryad used the same technology in both case (the barrier may simply keep divided anomalous-exogenous frome the normal world). So also in Nemesis, Researchers can be in a Bubble on Level 8, this time to defend themself from the exogenous.
  2. The "no-tessered" video of Kureze talking about her experience inside the bubble. If tesseras of our board describe our events ("delimited" by nemesis alphabet) maybe she is not our Kureze but the Nemesis one?Is it possible? Is possible... parallel reality can be very similar also where there are macroscopic differences like an exogenous invasion. (Rewatching the video is possible read all that from a nemesis point of view... also talking)
  3. Optima and Lucida said that Myriad/Kureze was banished by Avenir in a way that has no return. what this can be read? Is she d1ed or something similar? This remembered me the Nemesis Trailer where Kureze was unconscious and Schubert asking lightman "what you have done?!" (Ok isn't Avenir... but we can trust Optima and Lucida?) In a way or another, Avenir or Aurora, if Myriad is gone, and they are really inside a bubble in nemesis node, they are blocked inside and this can be why they are asking help that have kureze already sane.

After this i re-watch the trailer with another perspective (the nemesis one) and it was flashing:

Aurora is looking a chess piece of the RPE board. (pink)

Helvetica said to Myriad that this is not right... (blue)

Helvetica against Aurora while Myriad is unconscius (mix of blue and pink?) they are in the RPE room.

Didact (green)

Perpetua (yellow)

Lucida and Carrie-nemesis: pay attention, lucida said "i never stop to reach you" (if he is our enoch why has to say this? he died before Carrie... Lucida could said this cause has saved Carrie from the Cosecha Verde). The L visible in the perfect center can be the initial of both nemesis names (Lucida and Lexicon).

What do you think? Il possible there are also other frame that refer to nemesis (hank nemesis de4th? maybe during an RPE test?)

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