serval reports on dozend of fake portals

I and many other players in my hometown have a major problem.

There are 4 players who are generating masses of fakeportals.

2 PoGo players and 2 Ingress players (Enl. and Res.). We remove them... they create new ones...

Most of the Problem we have ingame with one of the Ingress players. I think we removed not less than 30 portals on his residence. This place is not larger than 1000 squaremeters and in the best times there were locatet 6!!! portals. We removed them but he is creating new ones all the times.

Another example:

We found one and the same picture in an portal 7 or 8 times in a radius of 30km around his residence. I posted this stuff with 5 or 6 pictures from these portals to the Ingress Support but nothing happened.

Another portal is located on the ground of a family member of this player.

in the Intel Ingress map EVERYONE can see that this portal never can be located there.

It is an big tower of a playground on a sandplace (a beach or anything else)

After the buildung is located a private ridingplace of 20m x 40m. Nothing else. This crab was postedby serval players i don`t know how often but NOTHING happened. It is a fakeportal and is laying on private Ground so that noone can reach this crab,

My heretical thougts were... HOW MANY FAKEPORTALS is a player alowed to create bevore he will get restrictions.

This player also is a known spoofer and multiaccounter. I posted serval times 100% proofs to the support but nothing happened.

I hope that someone can give me a tip how to handle this massive cheating.


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