Agent stats resetting to private after reboot

Summary of issue: If you uncheck the "Make agent stats private" in settings, it gets rechecked after reboot. As far as I understand, this means that no one can see my stats even if I wish to make them public.

Device: Google Pixel XL

OS: Android 10

App Version (Settings > Scroll to the bottom): 2.46.1-7b31b345

I've heard other agents have had this same issue for some time already. Here's a Youtube video showcasing this behaviour:



  • daawgdaawg ✭✭✭

    This also happens on iOS/iPhone. If I uncheck ”Make agent stats private”, it’s back to checked after restarting Ingress.

    I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Ingress Prime, it has no effect on this issue. ”Make agent stats private” is always selected after each restart.

    Ingress version 2.46.1

    iOS 13.4.1

    iPhone 11 pro 256GB

  • I have the same problem.


    Android 9

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