Lucida and Optima: an EXO-theory

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Hi agents, hi @Truthseeker

Many of you will think that we're finally in the home stretch and that the battle against Nemesis is leading to a possible collaboration. Even Hank Johnson 1218 seems to believe that Nemesis is working for the good of our universe, but is it really so? the last video of the meeting between NIA and nemesis has highlighted differences that can not be ignored and phrases of blatant ambiguity by the two nemesis researchers. All this adds up to numerous other clues that before might have seemed random but now give shape to a real theory.

But let's go in order.

  1. Nemesis Unmask: this tesseras show us some videos where Nemesis researchers show a malicious look and a mocking smile, nothing to do with the character of the Osiris researchers we know. Are we sure that the video is only revealing their identity or something else? Looking closely at the face of the researcher, the skin appears to be traversed by translucent interference (something we usually don't see in a simulacrum). What could it be?
  2. In the history of Nemesis we read how many of them first ended up in the clutches of the Exogens, even in some cases they would have seen them in person and then escaped alone or freed by other researchers. Avenir is saved from his own adoration thanks to Helvetica (who then banishes in an ungrateful way), Lucida frees Carrie-Nemesis from the Shapers... Optima escaped from Nzeer. What if these rescues were unsuccessful? What if in reality rescues and saviors were somehow conditioned by exogens?
  3. In a discussion with Gabrielle, Jarvis says he's not in contact with Avenir (Jarvis nemesis) even though all the multiverse Jarvis are connected through the Ultimate substrate... what if they aren't for another reason? What if the lack of connection is due to the fact that Avenir is not really “a Jarvis”?
  4. Avenir not only banned Helvetica, but would have banned Myriad after her failure, in a one-way place. Why would a member of a Magnus be so exaggeratedly angry against a partner he's working with to pursue a goal (and one that could still be useful)?
  5. Optima and Lucida define the Exogens as vindictive gods and this remember us Avenir words: he wants to take revenge on the one who banned him, ...but what if he's not talking about us and our victory but something that happened in the past? They also define them as Majestic and Beautiful, as if they weren't completely intimidated or fascinated by them... why?
  6. In the video of the Optima and Lucida meeting (and also in their video ultimatum and departed) appear definitely "stereotype" of almost theatrical characters with specific characteristics:
  • Optima appears almost military, logical, resolute, determined and serious
  • Lucida appears hyper-artistic, with a language full of idioms, which we could call picturesque.

And here comes our theory:

Lucida, Optima and maybe many other members of nemesis, if not all of them, are actually Exogenous.

Exogenous, yes. Somehow the Shaper and the Nzeer would have taken control of the Nemesis members Or anyway are inside their Simulacra, but unable to simulate an equilibrium and a similar behavior, they exagerate all in a Shaper or Nzeer way. They are egocentric and fearless like gods inside an human body.

A further clue could be also the code name of the nemesis researchers, initially we thought they were just "font" names but if we analyze them well they all have a meaning (that we have discovered or that we have yet to discover: Courier is the courier, the one who brought the RPE technology from one world to another Aurora is Lightman who just through the colors of the light spectrum created the Nemesis alphabet, Myriad could have been named so for having erected a barrier that prevented the exogenous from entering all the other realities of the multiverse, and so on...

Lucida and Optima? Lucida means bright, reflective and would be therefore connectable to the Enlightned (and therefore to the Shaper) while Optima could indicate the optimization of the human being.

Lucida and Optima, Enl and Res, Shaper and Nzeer.

All this throws a new light on the current strategies of Nemesis, which would not be working to block the exogenous but to help it overcome the barrier erected by Kureze-Nemesis and which could have similar characteristics to the barriers that are holding the researchers captive.

Helping Nemesis at this time could mean helping the exogenous to enter our world. Some sentences by Lucida seem to further confirm this theory: he is not clear in saying what their intentions are, just asking fake rhetorical questions:

The tessellation membrane can make it easier for the exogenous to ingress. Or it can make it impossible. Guess which thing we want to do - Lucida

So, we are guessing and the answer isn't so obvious...

Please NIA don't Trust Nemesis they can be not who they are telling us that they are...

(From an idea and suspects of the investigator @SiIverSmurfer)


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    So Nemesis Magnus is never completed with 13 researchers even if Hank-N is not died?

  • MiketrevisMiketrevis ✭✭✭
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    They complete the magnus with courier (Hank1218) . Magnus was broken, I suppose, after hank-nemesis d3ath. Is possible that hank-Nemesis was human and not a simulacra when d1ed. So... Magnus was created before epifany than Hank d1ed (magnus broken) then epifany calamity, then Hank1218 arrived, Magnus recreated.

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