From L1 to L16 in 30 hours and 46 minutes

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Hi everybody,

I would like to share my crazy adventure with you, in order to learn whether there are faster and more efficient ways to level up in Ingress. Here is the video that summarizes my achievement:

I managed to reach L16 starting from L1 in almost 31 hours, using 22 portals modded with 4 SoftBank Ultra Link each (I call these portals "cluster portals" as they are close to each other), and fielding from these portals over a base "cake" (it looks like a hill actually, but "cake" sounds more professional and engineering) made of 40 portals linked in such a way that every single link established from cluster portals would result in a double field over the cake. The cake is made up of many single fields built over a base link connecting the 2 most distant portals of the cake.

Once all the 40 links are established from a cluster portal, I flip this portal to blue and move to the next cluster portal to establish the 40 links again, I then flip this portal too, move to the next cluster portal and so on...

I need to establish the 40 links in a specific order in order to get a double field from every link: the first two links established from the cluster portal result in a single field (the biggest field, connecting the cluster portal with portals 1 and 40 in figure), and the next 38 links give double fields, resulting in a yeld of 77 field per cluster portal (38 x 2 + 1).

The amount of AP gained every time I established 40 links from a cluster portal are:

77 fields x 1.250 AP + 40 links x 313 AP = 108.770

that has to be multilpied by 2 (Ingress Birthday period with Double AP)

108.770 x 2 = 217.540

In order to gain 40.000.000 AP to reach L16 I need to repeat the 40 link sequence 184 times:

40.000.000 / 217.540 = 183,87

In order to do so, I flipped every one of the cluster portal 9 times each, for a total of 160/170 Ada Refactors and 160/170 Jarvis Viruses, and I used

184 times x 40 links = 7360 keys (almost 200 keys for each of the 40 cake portals)

The actual numbers are slightly higher as my linking abilities were not perfect, I was tired, Ingress sometimes lagged or was bugged; so, I had to repeat the 40 links sequence some more times. After reaching level 16, I recursed again and I used the remaining keys and viruses in order to level up to L11.

It took almost 31 hours to reach L16 as I went to sleep and I helped costantinfawkes to level up from L14 to L15 during the night, but once I memorized the exact sequence of 40 links without looking on the sheet, I could establish the sequence of 40 links in just 2 or 3 minutes (when Ingress Prime was not lagging or giving bugs that forced me to close and restart the app).

If the new APEX boost will be able to provide 4X AP during Ingress Birthday 2020, it will be possible to earn 40.000.000 AP in just 8/10 hours! So just ask or write to me if you would like to know more!

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  • Wow es increíble!

  • 💚

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  • +2.......recursion.....

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  • Wow! This is very inspiring!! 💪

  • xliga156xliga156 ✭✭
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    and all time farming keys where is?

    the time you are write, is just the time you need link, by fli portals and wait 1 hour.

    but for 2000 keys you should farm a lot time (also using qauntium)

    you make something incredible. But i Missing something.

  • xabelxxabelx ✭✭

    In the last seconds of the video I thank some of the players that helped me. Among them, the last 3 (plus another player that I did not mention), helped me to store the keys and the quantum needed for multiplying the keys. Key farming took several months, from June to November, and my friends had 40 quantum capsules (one for each of the cake portals).

    Sorry, but I don't understand what you say in the first 3 lines of your message, you can also say that in italian.

  • jim831001jim831001 ✭✭✭

    Great world record !!! Nice Job !!!

    I try same kind of things during 2018/11/6 - 2018/11/21 (11/6 is the Recurse Medal first released by NIA)

    I use No-SBUL for 7 mid-portals and 1-SBUL for 15-mid-portals

    Spending two weeks and finished the challenge including farming those keys

    And after that ... I become a retired agent XDDDD

  • xabelxxabelx ✭✭

    Thank you @jim831001 for letting me know your experience. So, we used the same method, and it seems that this is the best and fastest way to level up. I just brought this method to its extreme form: I think that it is worth using Ada and Jarvis only on fully modded portals (with 4 SoftBank Ultra Link).

  • jim831001jim831001 ✭✭✭

    @xabelx Hahaaa, another reason for that is because I need more chance to farm keys, so my fielding place is just outside my home, there is no 40 portal in a line near my place XD

    In order to have more keys, I remember those day was like:

    6 am: hack a set of keys


    6 pm: hack a set of keys

    fielding 2-set of keys

    10 pm: hack a set of keys

    fielding 1-set of keys


    Anyway, not considering farm keys, you should be the world record now 😁

  • But how can you carry over 7000 Keys?

  • xabelxxabelx ✭✭

    @BeechyBoy26 we were 5 of us carrying the keys. Of course, it would be impossible for a player alone to handle all the inventory needed.

  • jontebulajontebula ✭✭✭✭✭
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    Not fun to get AP to fast with APEX it is easy today without apex and we have extreme lots more portals in the system. Way need stress to L16?

  • I like how you saved softbanks. Compared to mine you used under half of what I used.

    Excellent work, great planning, and even better execution on making sure you got each link done in the correct order.

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