For New Truthseekers: The Defination of "Discoverer"

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Dr.PAC(@Truthseeker ,the first and leading Truthseeker) sometimes metioned "discoverer" in his posts, eg. "Discoverers can post their preditions" or "Discoverers can earn a forum medal". The defination of Discoverer is wrote in the rule of Tessellation, but it seems that some newcommers just ignored the rule(BUT HOW CAN YOU?), so I want to mention it again here.

In the Tessellation, Discoverers (of a certain tessera) means the first 3 agents from EACH FACTION (totaly 6) who correctly submitted their screenshot in the correct post at valid time. Specially, the first of all is called the First Discover.

Only the first 3+3 agents.

You are not a Discoverer just because you posted the screenshot correctly. You must be the first 3 of your faction and not edit your comment (in at least one tessera post)to be a Discoverer.

The most simple way is to look at Dr.PAC's comment. If he mentioned you to submit a prediction, you are one of the Discoverers of this tessera. Or, you are not.

And only Discoverers(the first 6)can submit predictions. Non-discoverer agent can also comment like a prediction, but will be ignored.

Edit: Thanks @ArkFang of remindering me not the first 6 but the first 3+3 from both faction.

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    In addition to what @MegaSteeliX said, the first 6 people mentioned are actually the first THREE from EACH FACTION. Even if the very first six people are all one faction, only the first three from that faction are considered Discoverers.

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    Thank your addition. I have added it to edit this post.

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    How to check if you are a verified Discoverer

    * of a certain tessera

    1. Check the post of that tessera to see if you are in the first 3 "correct-formatted" comment of your faction. The correct format means include (1)the screenshot with exactly that tessera, (2)your current faction in the game (Enl/Res/Nem if you can), (3)and not been edited-you know, some Discoverers will edit their comment to be ignored and let more others be the Discoverer.

    This is the fastest way to check, but sometimes it's difficult to look through the sea of screenshots.

    2. Check the prediction request in that post which is commented by Dr.PAC( @Truthseeker). He usually will mention 6 agents, 3 from each faction and request them to make the position prediction. If you are in these 6 agents, you are a Discoverer. If not, you are not. (Dr.PAC have made a mistake to verifiy 4 Res and 2 Enl agents in a tessera. And the mistake was soon corrected and then add 1 point for Enl.)

    This way is a little slower(you need to wait the "searching" thread of this tessera to be finished.

    3. Check the tesserae board copied( from the T.H.) by NIA. Click the tessera and there will be a page, contained the First Discoverer and 5 followed Discoverers of that tessera( ofcause, only if that tessera is discovered by "global drop/redeem".)

    This is the slowest way. You need to wait the whole Round to finish and T.H. to release the result video and NIA to update the copied board.

    *of no certain tesserae

    4. Check your forum profile to see if a First Discoverer or Discoverer badge is there. By now in my views there was no mistakes in these badge's awarding.

    This way is a little slow: There is a short (a few days) lack before you get these badges.

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