Goodbye of a Vanguard



  • Thank you for all the things you did for our game, for community, for every single player. I'm so glad to know you and it was great pleasure and honour to work and play together. You are amazing and generous person. Hugs, @Claudija and hope see you sometime somewhere (sooooon😃) for the beer and pleasant memories 🤗❤️😘

  • Just my 5 cents...

    All of this is unfortunately true, I have already discussed all of this with my community.

    I see more and more good agents, old agents, giving up because of all bad Niantic's decisions.

    Apex, bad decision, only caused more spoofers to appear to level up quickly and destroy all the work, time, kilometers and spent Money fuel. If they say that they ended up with the Guardians because of the spoofer then the apex did not bring anything beneficial to the game, at least they only put it in the paid option ...

    Among so many other things well marked, perhaps with a lot of abandonment by several agents, niantic was already late to remedy all the wrong done, and this game is doomed, which gives money is the application of pocket monsters.

    Thank you for everything dear agent @Claudija

    O hope i'm rong.

    Greetings everyone

  • AzaroleAzarole ✭✭

    Thank you for all you've done for the communities. It's sad you're stepping down for the reasons you've mentioned, though it's fully understandable.

    We'll be in touch, even only to meet up for a beer.

  • Thank you very much for your work. I hope that Niantic understands that the play is not the game they invented anymore.... We need radical upgrades that let us play as we used to. Thank you again

  • @Claudija, thanks for being an awesome Vanguard! Very much appreciate the time you spent in the role and the care you've shown all players of the game.. And also, thanks for your well-written Goodbye message. All the best!

  • ChiisaiKumaChiisaiKuma ✭✭✭

    Ty for your time, effort and the good work you did. An intelligent, passionate and fair vanguard 💙💚

  • lgpmichaellgpmichael ✭✭✭

    This is really sad news, and I'd like to think Niantic will take it as a wake-up call. We all know they won't though {:-(

    Thanks for all you've done!

  • cenucenu ✭✭

    Lastima perder otro vanguard.😭😭😭

  • Thank you, Claudija, for your work as vanguard and these well set words!

  • You know, Niantic, this cannot be really a surprise to you. All you really needed to do is to listen your users, us, the agents. I personally have been losing interest to Ingress, because there's nothing really new. Sure, you re-painted, decorated and added some new walls but nothing real new things. Missions are basicly the thing why I play Ingress nowdays.

    Just.. listen to your users. Others than HPWU and PoGo users too. The original ones, you know? Community could really give you some insight on what could be good direction to develop content, features etc. But that only works if you listen to what it has to say.
  • PaumazaPaumaza ✭✭

    We need some cake for sure, you know I agree completely with all you said, see you soon, lots of love,


  • GinSanGinSan ✭✭

    I agree with Claudija, these are the reasons why maybe a lot of players like me, stopped playing ingress like the first years, and felt like niantic just wanted us to get out of their servers and maybe just use that for the games they feel are more rentable... I might be playing ingress until the end. Thanks Claudija for all your efforts, see you soon.

  • I totally agree with your points. Thank you very much for helping Ingress to grow and connect agents. I really miss physical bio cards, and Niantic didn't even gave us the Nemesis template made me sad. The lack of mission days is another thing that I relate to so much.

  • This is 100% true and 100% sad. Thanks for everything, I hope that with this message you will encourage them to get started and do something better for the community and the game. Although it's Niantic so it most likely won't.

  • rockaBerockaBe ✭✭

    @Claudija I really appreciate your honest **** for change. NIA needs more people like Andrew and you, that raise their voice against the currrent direction that the game takes....

    Thanks for being so open, taking responsibility and trying to support the community part of Ingress.

    Thanks for your efforts and your well formulated input to improve the community aspect of this game, that engaged me for years, to see it in a different way.

    All the best for you 👍

  • waveinjectorwaveinjector ✭✭
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    Bonjour Claudjia

    NIA mérite plus qu'on fasse des efforts pour eux. Il recherche le moyen de faire de l'argent. Donc le jeu est terminé.

    Sauf si tu payes.

    Bonne continuation et merci.


  • xxse7enxxse7en ✭✭

    Thank you, Claudija, for being an amazing player advocate and working to make this game better. You will be missed as a vanguard, but the work you’ve done and the dedication you displayed will always be remembered and valued.

  • vedorianvedorian ✭✭✭

    To Claudia,

    I have had the privelege to be a fighter for you in a few EU wins and it has been my honor as an American to do that. I have been blessed over the years to fight for this team (enl) as hard as I can. I have nothing but respect for our counterparts in the resistance.

    We as a group on both sides have been lucky and blessed to have you as a leader, and everything you said comes from the heart of, I believe, both sides. They company has failed us, no matter how hard, we as a group of players, have tried to help them understand us.

    You will be missed, but you name the need, and you know we will be there for you. Thank you for everything you have done to support thins game of ours.


    Vedorian NJ.

  • Niantic, WAKE UP and listen already! These people are our voice and this community is this game!

  • PoluxscPoluxsc ✭✭

    Es impresionante todo lo que expones, es cierto, los agentes le ponemos pasión al juego aún en estás adversidades y nos encantaría que mejorará y no quedará en el olvido como parece que sucede actualmente. Ojalá Niantic tomé en cuenta toda tu retroalimentación final. Lamento que todo terminara así para tí. Mucho exito de corazón para el futuro.

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  • DasMiMiMiDasMiMiMi ✭✭
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    Thanks  @Claudija for your work, your text is very good and hits the nerve - I hope Nia thinks about it calmly.

  • Thanks so much for your time, passion, and thoughtfulness @Claudija

  • Thanks for all your work! ❤❤

  • UnifexUnifex ✭✭
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    Amazing you did the job so long after being deserted by nia!!! Thanks!

    You summed up their #fails pretty well, as a former anomaly poc i can only confirm everything. "so we can not use the logos any longer, even if we if it's not commercial. well, what's the cost to license them?" - niantic employee: "I'm waiting for answers from america on this".... for weeks. many weeks....

  • Ingress war immer Crowdsourcing, ohne die Crowd (oder einzelne Leute) jemals ernst zu nehmen. Wir sind Datenspendefutter und die Sympathien, die die Spielprinzipien bei vielen von uns gewonnen haben, wurden nie vernünftig monetarisiert. Was haben wir nicht schon ausgegeben an Geld für Datenvolumen (speziell als deutsche Nutzer), neue Hardware, oder gar Reisen und Übernachtungen zu Events. Aber Niantic war stets zu doof, aus diesem Spielprinzip vernünftig Kohle zu machen. Nun konzentrieren sie sich auf die Kiddielizenzen- da wir offenbar zu schwierig abzumelken sind -weil man uns nicht ernst nimmt.

    Ich vermute, für die Schlipsträger sind wir ein Furunkel am Arsch. Ich rechne damit, dass dieses Altspiel als unrentabler Unternehmenszweig im Prinzip jeden Moment eingestellt werden kann. Eine idealistische Wertschätzung hält es jedenfalls nicht am Leben.

    Das komplette Balancing "wegen Corona" einfach mal in die Tonne zu treten ist derart peinlich- die kennen weder ihr Produkt noch ihre Kunden. Und so haben sie die Customer Relationship, oder wie man das nennt, die sie verdienen.

    Ohne dieses Verarschungsgefühl wäre ich seit Jahren ohne weiteres bereit gewesen, meinen 5er im Monat zu berappen für die App. Warum denn auch nicht.

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