Is this the replacement G+?

Not entirely sure of the intention of this community, I originally thought it was meant to be the replacement of G+ for us. But the social media aspect of it seems really limited. Sure, we log in with our ingress profile info, but there is no link back to ingress? Can we create secure groups to vet new agents here? Can we even tell which faction someone is if they don't say? Or do we go back and ping in comms? And since there was no overlap from the **** of G+ to the birth of this, we've made our own things to fill the gap because we had to.

This game is a lot about connecting people and places, why y'all gotta make it hard? Will there be a link in the ingress app to this community or is my "recruitment" post destined to go unseen, save for the few folks who are most likely already connected?


  • daethnirdaethnir ✭✭✭

    G+ was a google social product. Niantic had several official presences on G+, but G+ was bigger than that. Factions could create private G+ groups for their regions, for example, and Niantic had nothing to do with that.

    So Niantic isn't recreating G+, but it is trying to have a community where some of those ingress-specific activities can continue now that G+ is gone.

    Whether they provide private areas (e.g. an Enlightened/Resistance only discussion section, or regional sections) is something they haven't announce yet. Maybe they will, maybe they won't. Seems most groups have created slack, Groupme, Discord, or other environments since G+ died.

  • In addition there are many Niantic staff that are active on here who comment on feedback given in the App Feedback and the Ingress Community Feedback categories which would have been more disorganisd and chaotic on Google+ I think.

  • Give them some time - they said it is not a finished product...

    I sure hope for "private" community areas - but for now this is XF communication

  • MaktoMakto ✭✭✭

    Welcome to the G+ replacement. Its a Niantic work in progress.

    I am waiting for the Pogo forum and the Harry Potter forum

    Let the fun begin "anytime now"

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