Mission banner not getting through

To whom it may concern,

I have made a mission banner consisting of 18 missions in February 2020 with only the first twelve passing through the very next day leaving the last six for some odd reason. I've resubmitted the last six quite many times since that. They have the banner spelled out with the badges. Also the last missions guide the agents back to their starting point which is just next to the train and bus stations making this banner a nice roundtrip around Salo city center while allowing them to find hidden gems of local cherry trees currently in their blossom as I am writing to you. I was hoping that this mission banner had been ready for this year's hanami to let fellow agents appreciate all the lovely sakura but as it seems the cherry trees might lose their blossom before this banner is ready. Can you please help me make this mission banner real?

yours sincerely,

agent bokutachi

Enlightened Finland





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