Missing Score Sheet?


I just realized that many IFSs held this past weekend that were verified are now listed as "Missing score sheet". I have also been able to confirm that the score sheet sent is still accessible on the internet. Any clarification?

PS: Sorry. I am not a good english speaker.


  • VolsungoVolsungo ✭✭
    edited May 2020

    I got an answer outside the forum and I share it with other organizers who encounter the same problem: it is necessary to link to the Score Sheet on the your city web page event. This is accomplished by resending the IFS request form after adding the address of the Results Sheet in the "Auto Score Sheet Link" box.

  • CtrlAltDuckCtrlAltDuck ✭✭✭

    More breadcrumbs for people finding this later:

    The best place to reach out for help and advice is always the IngressFS Slack, there's a link to join in the registration e-mail form FevGames.

    You can also reach out to members of IFS-UN via Telegram, that info is listed at the bottom of https://fevgames.net/ingressfs/org-guide/

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