Hard to reach / signal challenged / durable portals

canon07canon07 ✭✭✭

One of the funnest aspects of Ingress for me personally has been the adventure of journeying to a hard to reach portal, where signal will be an issue, and very few other agents will venture to go.

In the past, these portals were often used to seed Guardians, or create huge fields and this gave them a great deal of significance.

But with the **** of Redacted and the huge challenge that comes with getting Prime to work in low-signal areas along with the retirement of the Guardian badge, it seems the visit difficult to reach places aspect of the game has faded from the minds of the game designers.

There are so many amazing places to visit in the world, that fit this description – especially in my area of Utah, yet it seems in the last couple of years Ingress has become more of an urban game, much like Pokemon.

I'm wondering what ideas others might have for bringing back the importance of hard to reach and capture portals in Ingress.



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