Finding where to lodge Portal Edit rejection Appeals

So, I had a portal location edit rejected today, despite being obviously correct, complete with 360 photo on streetview.

I tried to find where to appeal this. But unfortunately any DuckDuckGo search I tried, along with 'appeal' on yielding the Portal Submission FAQ at:

results in ending up at the old "" by way of the:

URL in that article.

It turns out where I should be looking is on the Wayfarer site, but nothing elsewhere says that! It's all pointing to the old Community discussion group where you can no longer post 'New Discussion' (the button isn't present), and all web search results still point there as well.

So, could Niantic support please:

1) update the FAQ to make this easier.

2) Put a post in that old "Portal Appeals (Archive)" section:

to make it easy if people find that.

3) Get your SEO people to try and fix google etc to actually find Wayfarer for 'ingress portal appeal' instead of the old community discussion section.

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