Recharger global challenge?

With the pandemic going the way it is now, we had someone at our virtual FS suggest a recharging global challenge. What is the community's thoughts on this potential event? Personally, I think it's a decent idea, but you might have to work around running out of cubes and going out to farm more.


  • Optima Recharger challenge

    🤔 Good idea!

  • PkmnTrainerJPkmnTrainerJ ✭✭✭✭✭

    Follow the HPWU example and just gift everyone x amount of hypercubes for 0 CMU for a day and then do the global recharge challenge on that same day.

  • You will still need portals in your faction color to recharge, and keys for these portals in order to participate.

    And I can already hear those complaining about how the 5% daily decay is making this more difficult.

  • With the dead slow portal decay rate it seems highly impossible until Niantic does something.

  • I feel like when they decide to end this 5% decay rate, this would be a good way to it. Instead do 2x normal or 30% daily for the week and make us work twice as hard to keep portals alive.

  • Optima was about unique missions, as far as I can remember. You never know, they may change it to recharger

  • GargishGargish ✭✭✭

    No way this will work. Several possibilities:

    • There simply are no portals of your own faction.
    • If there are, the opposite faction can destroy all portals and leave them grey.
    • If both factions are reasonably active in a region, they may give the portals no time to decay even once.

    Past challenges should have taught us to expect sabotage attempts. There was a good reason that taking part in [email protected] did not require a minimum XM recharged during the event.

  • Would be a fun event, but unfair to some as well. Unless NIA gives everyone some starter cubes or something... Normally it could have been a fun event.

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