[Suggestion] An Official API

Honestly by now something official should exist for this.

If you had an official API to use it could be possible to give communities more interactions and give players a better experience. It wouldn't be too hard to build local events using the API and a Chatbot for your fave communication platform in your area. While you may not get badges from it you can still setup things like an Anomaly. Since not everyone can easily go to the official events. The game does seem quite pointless if you can't actually compete.

This could also be used to improve FS events adding special objectives like capturing certain points and having a bot be able to record scoring for those activities. Now there are downsides to an API but if it is only limited access it could still be a great thing for the game and the community.

One type of Event you could make with an API and the Bot would be like a scavager hunt. When you capture a certain portal the bot could message you via your chat app the next clue for the portal be it text, a picture or really it could be anything. It wouldn't be hard to have a points system and you could add unique changes to an existing event or have your own. It could also help with X-Fac events of giving some form of competitive game to play.



  • MoogModularMoogModular ✭✭✭✭✭

    There are official APIs but they have been private. I noticed the scoreboards they did for the Prime anomalies were all done with API. The hexathlons are also done by API.

    I want to say part of the server maintenance helps towards this but it's unsure.

  • DelencaDelenca ✭✭

    Which isn't a Public API that we can use. There has been unofficials but they get blocked over time.

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