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I'd like to request Media Capsules. A place to store media without counting towards the inventory limit, similar to what Key Capsules do for keys. Add them to the store, give them limited capacity, but don't limit the amount of capsules players can buy.

I know this feature has been requested before in a time where media were few and far between. But this has changed since the Tessellation event began. The media we get from the Tessellation event feels like something 'more'. It's a gift for the work we put in, either by redeeming passcodes from global drops in a very fast way, or by puzzling to solve the Clue of targeted Tessera together, or a reference to the awesome work and time locals put in by visiting portals and hacking them.

They have grown from an item that not a lot of people care about, to something that resembles a memory. A reminder to players across the globe to work together towards a common goal. And some are created by players to show their passion for the game by creating and sharing beautiful IFS artworks. Or the 13 Archetype Challenge puzzles that sometimes took days to complete, but were totally worth it the moment you saw the media the decoded passcode gave.

As participants / players we'd love to hold on to the media. But we don't want it to negatively impact gameplay by taking up storage space. We'd like to keep the memories and often look at the things we've achieved, but not at a disadvantage during anomalies or IFS events by having less storage space for weapons, resonators or mods.

Most, if not all, the people I've spoken to are willing to 'pay' for it, as long as the price is within reason. In the past it has been asked what players like to see changed or added to the game. I can honestly say Media Capsules are at the top of my list.

*EDIT: While reading the old topic thread regarding Media Capsules made last year, I came across the following comment. The concept of an Agent Journal is quite intriguing. You can read the comment here.

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  • We need this, now more with the Tessellation medias!

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    I also consider that it would be a well received option, not only taking into account the event of Tesselation, the Decode Challenge 13AR has also provided a large number of exclusive media , that have required a lot of work to obtain them, and them are the unique memory that participants have at the cost of losing useful inventory space.

  • I also support this request.

  • Besides the 13AR that I loved (which already takes 13 room of my inventory) and Tesselation (which I didn't really keep although I'm the discoverer of 3 tessera), I also keep a media since Aegis Nova (mu first anomaly, and there's me in person somwhere in the video), and it was always stressful not to burn that one accidentally. So, yes, we do need those

  • Es necesario apoyo la cápsula

  • FajroFajro ✭✭

    I support this request...

  • MinusFiveMinusFive ✭✭✭


  • Yes!

    I think so much!

  • @NianticBrian Can we get any comment on this?

  • Мне нравится эта идея!

  • Interesting request. Many of us are keeping memory items that count to inventory...

  • Perhaps the @Truthseeker as a representative of investigate will also support this idea.

  • AzhreiaAzhreia ✭✭✭✭✭

    While I probably won't find much use for the media capsule myself, I love the concept of an Agent Journal

  • I see no reason media items even count towards the inventory limit. In your other games there are items that do not count so why media does? A journal where an agent can see all big events that have happened and when sounds a nice feature to have too.

  • Increíble, seria una total satisfacción poder guardar tan importantes medios, como algo más que un recuerdo. Totalmente de acuerdo y espero lo implementen.

  • I agree. One capsule with 100 free slots from inventory should be fair enough for me. Great post. Support it please 😊

  • Shooters42Shooters42 ✭✭✭

    I like this idea 😍 I totally agree

  • montitchamontitcha ✭✭✭

    Sweet idea !

  • Yes, please !

  • Perfect idea, I do support this request. :) The redeemed media is not only a piece of memory, but valuable for decoding and the lore as well.

  • Para que la historia se escriba necesita sus huellas. La familia necesita saber sus pasos. Más espacio integro para cápsulas de medias.

    Apoyo fervientemente!

  • Más capsulas de media,

    Apoyo la mosion! 💪💪💪😷💙🗝️

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