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Straight from the Niantic Project Archives, this month features the original Hank Johnson medal. The Archives: Hank Johnson Loadout Kit will be available on the in-app Store from Thurs, Apr 30 18:00 UTC to Thurs, May 7 18:00 UTC (note: the time limit has been extended from May 6).

This Loadout Kit is available one per Agent. Agents who have already earned the original Hank Johnson medal may still purchase this Loadout Kit, but will not receive a duplicate Hank Johnson medal on their Agent profile.

Archives: Hank Johnson (19,000 CMU)

  • Hank Johnson medal
  • 25 Resonator (at your Level up to L8)
  • 25 Hypercube
  • 4 Apex

Additionally, to aid Agents during this weekend's MAY-2 Virtual First Saturday events, we have also dropped a Virtual FS Loadout Kit in the in-app Store:

Virtual FS Loadout (4,000 CMU)

  • 25 Resonator (at your Level up to L8)
  • 25 Power Cube (at your Level up to L8)
  • 1 Apex

For more information about joining a Virtual First Saturday event, check out Note that you can join any Virtual First Saturday event and participate in the XM recharge challenge using your own Portal Keys (not limited to Virtual FS events only in your town), but participating in more than one Virtual FS site will not earn multiple First Saturday medal increments.

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