Question(s) regarding IFS at home

So i'm taking part in IFS, but the group i'm taking part in IFS through, is hometown-ed or officially named is from other city/state. So now the question is when i recharge portals, do i have to recharge portals of that city(under which the IFS is registered/name?) or any portal from any city is fine? Can someone please clarify this?

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  • abshaabsha ✭✭

    Recharges somes portals ,that's all , we don't care where they are you just have more recharge on you profile stats between first measure and second measure :)

  • A step by step video for those of us who have never run a FS would be more helpful and what if you have no willing opposition players nominate as a leader ?

  • I have a legit question for Virtual First Saturdays

    In my small city we never have events (nowhere near enough local agents)

    But I have 3 major cities within an easy 20+ minute drive (which is how I did events like field tests in past)

    When looking at First Saturday even, the best (for me) start time is in a non local city (approx 4 hour drive)

    Can we register for a different city since it is virtual or no? I have physically been in the further city (prob once a year avg) and hacked portals there previously

    And they have way more agents registered for event already (like 100 there vs 20 locally)

  • That was kinda my question and the answer seems to be a yes. Take part in any FS, as long as the group leader and others are willing to let you in.

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    Like other folks have shared, you can join any Virtual FS site from home and recharge Portals you have Keys for. I’m planning to join a few (you only get one medal increment, but I think it’ll be nice to meet Agents face to face to face over video).

    We also just clarified this at the end of this forum post here:

  • Thank you for the clarification, much appreciated.

  • Why would Niantic give out a code to First Saturday @ Home which is fully redeemed in less than 24 hours? Worse, why release the code to everyone before the participants had a chance to redeem the code? What were they thinking???

  • KarM3LKarM3L ✭✭✭✭

    Where did NIANTIC release it??

    It was in player managed passcode servers within minutes of it being solved considering contents the master codes lasted a considerable time..

  • KarM3LKarM3L ✭✭✭✭

    Missed you unfortunately wasn't any of the 6 ifs I managed to attend unfortunately :(

  • not the place guys. Don't hijack. This thread is done.

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    Does anyone know when they typically release the IFS badge? Just wondering.

  • Soon™

  • CtrlAltDuckCtrlAltDuck ✭✭✭

    Typically 10-14 days after IFS but we extended the score submission window to allow people to fix errors in theirs so this badge may be slightly delayed.

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