How to Earn the Tessellation Knight Medal - A Few Advice For New Truthseekers

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After the announce of Tessellation medals, a lot of new truthseekers (medalseekers? just a joke.) ,including myself, rushed into the forum to earn a knight medal.

But some of us have not read the full rule of tessellation and posted picture of tressa medias everywhere. That's why I wanna tell how to earn the medal, and what behaviors cannot earn the medal--through I surely know that the Tessellation is far not only for a medal.

1. DO NOT post any media which has been in your inventory for a long time ANYWHERE. They are ALL outdated.

2. DO NOT post any media to a post that is NOT titled like "Tessellation Round X : XXXXXX". Or, it is surely the wrong place.

3. DO get ready early if you see PAC(@Truthseeker ) announced a drop. Passcode will be fully FR in a short time, so open your ingress game or intel map and get ready to redeem codes. But since the forum have down in April 25, I think you already know this.

4. DO make sure to post your tessera(the redeemed media) to the correct place with your faction(Enl/Res) in time. If you found the passcode in a pdf file from a post, just post the media in a comment right there. If someone gave you the passcode or the pdf file, ask them where you should post it. But if you forgot to post it for 2 hours(or other time, the deadline is often written in the post.), it will be outdated and "useless".

5.DO NOT edit your post.If you have posted wrong media or wrong faction name(HOW CAN YOU?), just write a new comment and make it right.Edited post will be ignored.

6. DO NOT redeem passcode from 1 single post if you have already successfully redeemed one. There will be NO extra point for you, but another agent may lost their oppotunity to redeem a tessera.

If someone have more advices to new truthseekers, please add them in comments.

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