Resistencia Águila MX 💙🇲🇽

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Resistencia Águila MX (RAM)

This is one of the biggest Resistance communities that exists on México City.

During the years, we have constantly welcomed new and experienced RES agents alike. And we are always looking for active players to work together.

Respect, Democracy, Loyalty are some of the core values that you will find within our ranks. Here we are more than friends, we are Family.

We promote Ingress as a way of life, always respecting the rules, and always supporting the cause of the Resistance.

If you are interested in joining, or getting in touch with us, feel free to comment and we will get back to you.

Current Leaders: @JimboMX @Chokotulipan

Recruiters: @cesarin079 @Six3lMM @LinkDan @DracoE01 @escalfar @neshkala

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  • Genial !!!

  • Muy orgullosa de pertenecer a esta comunidad

  • JOIN #ResistenciaAguilaMX and participate during #IngressYear8


    • Reply to this post, and a recruiter will contact you
    • Contact any of our recruiters through COMM
    • If you meet the requirements, you will have access to all our chats and groups


    UNETE a #ResistenciaAguilaMX y participa con nosotros durante #IngressYear8

    ¿Cómo me uno?

    • Responde a este post, y un reclutador te contactará
    • Contacta cualquiera de nuestros reclutadores por COMM
    • Si cumples con los requisitos, tendrás acceso a todos nuestros chats y grupos
  • ¡Una excelente comunidad!, todos son muy amigables y apoyan con cualquier duda.

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    Orgulloso de ser parte de esta gran comunidad!!

    We exist, we resist!!

  • Excelente comunidad y muy cooperativa en todos los aspectos 🙂👍🏻

  • JimboMXJimboMX ✭✭✭

    Siempre seguimos buscando mas agentes que se unan a nuestra comunidad.

    Si vives en CDMX o el área metropolitana, no dudes en contactarnos!

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