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Intel collected from Tessellation Round 10


I expect this meeting between Nemesis and the Researcher to take place soon. In the meantime let's recap their identity reveals and the intel we've gathered so far from Round 10 of Tesserae hunting

  • Nemesis color-coded and with their masks on -
  • Nemesis identity reveals so far - Not exactly surprising, but it was good to confirm most of our theories.
  • The Transmission of Jarvis and the Acolyte was intercepted.
  • Jarvis Manifesto surfaced.
  • An alternate version of a transcript between Hank Johnson and Victoria Kureze was found.
  • We were able to imagine the interiors of Misty's Mind Palace in the 1218 Node through a novella.
  • We found the first 2 pages of an NIA internal analysis report about the 1218 me.
  • The unmasked intel of Optima, Didact, and Perpetua gave us a glimpse into Nemesis' Node.
  • Last but not least, a nearly blank page from Carrie's journal.

I have passed along your questions for Nemesis to the Researchers. Hopefully they can get answered.




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