[Question] Un-qouting posts

Is it possible to unqoute posts when making replies? If so how?

I ask since when I try quoting posts when making replies it triggers a "you can not post links" warning; however the quote seems to get locked in the reply box making me unable to post any replies in that topic (at least by phone) until whenever the linking feature becomes unlocked for me.


  • Yeah, this is a real pain. I have just been sending an @ wrt the person concerned, but that doesn't actually help in quoting the person, of course.

  • daethnirdaethnir ✭✭✭

    Level up in community so you can 'post links'. 'Like' and 'Insightful' the folks who post to help them out too - that's what I'm doing. (And hoping is reciprocated...)

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