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Title of portal : Estátua Benção de Jesus

Location : https://intel.ingress.com/?ll=-25.084251,-50.188015&z=15&pll=-25.084251,-50.188015

25°05'03.3"S 50°11'16.9"W

-25.084251, -50.188015

Street View: https://goo.gl/maps/aiXybgoN1TWMS6mu6

City : Ponta Grossa

Country : Brazil

Good Morning!

The portal "Estatua Bença de Jesus" was removed from the scanner and the intel on 04/23 and I really do not understand this removal, as it is totally legitimate. It is a beautiful statue that represents, faith, art, culture and religion. It is appreciated at all times by people who pass by and identify with religiosity. Let's go to the facts of why this portal should not be removed:

1º - According to the rules of the "Wayfarer": (Copy of the website) Help> What defines a good Wayspot?

A high-quality indication is one that helps users discover and enjoy the community, for example:

An interesting work of art or a unique architectural work

Statues, paintings, mosaics, special lighting etc.

Here it is already clear that it is valid.

2nd - There are several other statues of these in several other cities in Brazil, including another 100 meters from this one that has been approved for over two years and I will show you here:

 - Another is similar to 100 meters away.


- In the neighboring city of Curitiba.



These are 3, but there are many more in the world alike.

3rd - The place is free for pedestrians, with sidewalk, safe and 7 meters from the bus stop. It is located below the community's sports gym and next to several commercial stores, including the door to one is less than 2 meters away.

Honestly, I think this is a tremendous injustice. Why would a decent human being denounce such a portal? And worse, why would Niantic remove? It's unstoppable. I hope that the people of the region will comment here on the forum about this situation and Niantic will note his mistake. Sometimes I even think that there is a collaborator from within Niantic with bad intentions, as it is not possible to evaluate them in an impartial way.

Thank you!

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  • I fully agree.

    The statue is completely legitimate and in accordance with the rules for portal requests.


  • in my opinion the portal is completely valid. There's nothing to question.

  • There are no logical reasons to remove the portal, a good location, all the requirements, it is safe to access, every time I pass through the city, stop all keys for large links ...

  • A valid portal, in fact i have aproved it several times. As mentioned, and by NIA's rules it is a good wayspot. Nothing justify its removel, the surroundings are clear of invalids, such as schools, hospitals and such.

  • The portal is clearly valid and actually a good example of what a portal should be, there's no reason for it to be removed.

  • Friend agents, very good afternoon! I really appreciate your comment. Thank you!

  • Perfectly valid portal

  • Post it in the Wayfarer community

    What is it with people thinking this is the right section for this???

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