Wayfarer login with facebook on gmail.com

Hi. Everything is very complicated for you with linking games to emails)) I play Ingress, PoGo, HPWU. Recently, after 6 months of torment, I set up logging in through one of my facebook accounts, which is registered on gmail.com. In Wayfarer system, I have more than a year, 7000 applications, gold, I always logged in via gmail on which my facebook account is registered. I decided to try logging into Wayfarer directly through facebook, and I was asked to take an exam. I wrote a lot to technical support for a long time until they told me that they would transfer this issue to the appropriate department for resolution. The bottom line is Wayfarer synchronization between PoGo and Ingress (applications, medals). Thank. @NianticBrian


  • MoogModularMoogModular ✭✭✭✭✭

    The issue is with OpenID or OAuth. There hasn't been a simple answer for this as it seems it's a very technical issue within OAuth more than anything.

    I think Niantic is realizing that migration to some kind of unified Niantic login would be needed to avoid this issue altogether.

  • MrVerseMrVerse ✭✭✭

    It is indeed your wayfarer stats will reset, and you must retake the wayfarer test. However, you wont loose the credit for recon medal and later, pogo wayfarer medal which will be released soon.

    Assume your latest recon stats is 10,000. After that, you switched to facebook, and start reviewing . Every time you made an agreement, the agreement will be added to your latest recon stats.

    Let's say, you have 5 new agreements while reviewing in facebook. Then your recon stats wil be 10,005.

    Well... the con is, for some people, it is actually frustating when your wayfarer record (nomination reviewed and agreement) reset to zero and their wayfarer rating reset to "good".

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