Tessellation post waiting to be approved ...

I tried many times to post the last tessera in the topic: https://community.ingress.com/en/discussion/10589/tessera-round-10-didact-unmasked/p1 but in all the attempts the attached image appeared to me.

I do not know the reason, since as a text I put, what I have always put "Res" or "i'm res" to identify my faction.



  • I have uploaded my screen shot of media. And is still waiting for approval - I see it as draft. Why it is so?

  • Mein Ansatz funktionierte auch nicht.

  • KasetohuKasetohu ✭✭✭

    @Truthseeker Nemesis might claim to want peace but they also seem to be sabotaging our community in subtle ways. I've lost two chances of being among the top three of my faction, and if all my tessellation posts end up in moderation only to show up at some point later, I might lose the will to fight this war. This is a devious tactic meant to discourage our side. :)

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