Omnilytics Reports and Redacted Transcripts

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Since the 1218 Murders have been brought up in Investigations i figured i would grab what i could of the information we still had on the transcripts from the actual reports. Sadly because the original files were shared on G+ and Investigate Ingress, not all of the original pictures can be found. I was able to get all of the transcripts, including all 9 parts of the Redacted Reports, from the update emails from investigate ingress and because i did the Omnilytics questionnaire. Because of the length of the text i decided to put this all in a document that you can look at.

These murders were unsolved and an unredacted report was never given to us. I wonder now, that we are in Prime, if some of these redacted parts make better sense now. I figured at least this bit of information could be useful for the new and old agents that are still interested in this investigation and who knows, maybe we will see something soon on it.

Heres a link to what is on Webarchive though sadly it doesnt have the full transcripts

If you have some ideas and want to join in on @Lucoire s look into the suspects heres a link to his post

Note these are just the Omnilytics Reports and not the videos or information on the Deaths of these men. That will be shared in a separate post.


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