[Bug] - missing and disappearing fields (nullfields) without a destroyed portal

For the last 1-2 weeks I noticed a weird behaviour at my homezone. every few hours/days, a field has gone missing without anyone destroying any portals. The links still existed, only the field inbetween disappeared - not only on my device but also on the ingress intel map.

Furthermore there were nullfields created by linking. Maybe this has something to do with the recent server backend maintenance but it seems that the link is correctly built but then the adjacent field(s) do not appear - neither in the COMM nor on the map.

Example shown here:

The link has been built, but the fields were not created. Hence, the two nullfields are not a result of an overlayer field being destroyed. Also, the fields are missing on the ingress map, thus a visual bug can be excluded:

I have officially reported this subject already along with the respective portal link and time of action, but the support member answered me how to create fields in ingress and how a nullfield is created by a destroyed overlayer, so this was really not helpful. The bug is really annoying and I hope something is done about it.

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