improve the reporting system


This quarantine has brought many niantic errors to light, among them the inefficiency of reporting systems, since a bureaucratic process that has to be improved in many ways, for example group reporting, today in the park samanes in Ecuador that is closed With the curfew, we have seen the activity of many spoofer accounts, we assume that they are from another country and meet in that park due to the concentration of portals, we have also seen an invitation from the spoofers to meet in the park to play pokemon and then ingresss, and we have seen an impressive amount of spoofers from different countries, so it would take us a long time to report to each one of them, instead nia ops should do something about it and sanction those bad elements. have. What to do to report urban spoofers much faster, as well as the trusted report system. please NIA OPS help us help you.

create new tools to see the monitoring of accounts in other countries and improve the reporting system for urban spoofers


  • Me too my country now many agents Spoofer...they use downgrade PS n use 3app as FGL pro or Engel app etc...

  • SuamiNiaSuamiNia ✭✭
    edited July 2020

    Please improve report system. We feel it was harmed.

    cc. @NianticCasey

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