Decay rate.

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What was the reason for introducing the slow decay rate? I personally hate it. I've been waiting for portals inside an Historical Village to decay so I can throw some fields from my couchie. The village is closed due to this Covid 19 crisis. At this rate the place will be open again before the links drop. I really don't get the reason for the slower decay rate. I know of others who don't like it either.


  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭
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    i guess in those cities where people cant go out so that portals done die so fast ? personal i would see faster decay rate not slower...

  • AzhreiaAzhreia ✭✭✭✭✭

    It was intended to assist players in keeping their portals alive when they are unable to go out and farm cubes. It's not a solution that fits everyone's play style and current local situation, but it is benefitting players.

  • The changes made by Niantic during this Covid19 crisis are indeed puzzling, extra AP gain for recharging portal is definitely a plus, but then they also slow down the decay rate which seems counter-intuitive to encourage portal recharge. The most confusing ones would be 2X reso lvl 7 and 8 deployment, as well as the quick cool down and extra hacks without mods, seems to me those are encouraging people to go out and farm at the portals instead of staying at home.

  • I am playing ingress in my city alone, and I have got a problem with lower decay. After a week I cannot play.. :-/

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