The philosophy of the Osiris Node: Balance

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In these last days, of what we can define a real Nemesis "saga", I find myself thinking about this whole story. After Calvin's passing away in the 1218 universe, we literally fled to this universe where a new beginning has materialized. A new Epiphany and a series of anomalies, that evoked those we already lived in the other universe, and introduced this ours "nemesis": a Magnus that, little by little, revealed to come from a universe where things didn't go in the right direction, where in twenty-eight days the whole world fell into the hands of the Exogenes, Shaper and N'zeer.

We always knew, after all, that the exogenous was a double-edged sword: it was the same in universe 1218 and even there, at least until our transfer, this was never a problem. And here in the Osiris Node, we don't want to neglect our philosophy that we brought with us as an important and fundamental baggage: BALANCE.

Kureze's idea of erecting a barrier, to prevent exogenous invasion of our world, is interesting and noble but the complete isolation and closure of the portal networks could be like an "inverted pressure cooker" that would only risk exploding at any moment.

Portals are venting valves that allow this pressure to be controlled and therefore to control and prevent a potential ingression. A complete blockage, besides not giving us the advantages that derive from the exogenous influence, would increase the desire of the Shaper to feed on our uniqueness, and in the same way the NZeer desire to "improve" us rationally. And the stronger is this desire, the harder it will be to contain them outside the barrier.

This is the first important BALANCE: the one between ENDOGENE and ESOGENE, between inside and outside, and can only be maintained with a "perforated" membrane that allows an osmosis process between inside and outside.

The second BALANCE is the one in which the two factions play a fundamental role. Resistance and Enlightened, 13Magnus and Antimagnus. Thanks to the war that these two factions have been pursuing for centuries, the permeability of the membrane is never completely in favour of one or the other exogenous. Certainly the Prime Artifacts play a fundamental role and this is the reason why never and never will they all have to be in the hands of a single faction, but regardless of this, is our desire for knowledge (spiritual on one side and rational on the other) that push us to find and use these artifacts and unintentionally maintaining the balance between the two forces, such as Ying and Yang of the Tao.

We must succeed in keeping this tension in balance. What Calvin in the universe 1218 called "Coompetition" that is a collaborative competition (or a competitive cooperation) because an internal imbalance would correspond to an external imbalance between shaper and nzeer, making it easier for one or the other exogenous to ingress our world.

So, to conclude, the idea of Nemesis to close ourselves completely to the exogenous is unacceptable. Our philosophy, our way of life is BALANCE, "coopetition", a tension and a dynamism that must not fail because it would turn off the "engine" makes alive and flexible the membrane that protects us from the exogenous with a consequent stiffening, the creation of a fragile shell that sooner or later they would find a way to break.

It is not acceptable even the fanaticism of Jarvis with his overwhelming desire to be devoured by the Shaper or the behavior of ADA that pushes us towards a world very similar to that desired by the Nzeer, ...but they are part of the game they are the engines of dynamism that we hope, and we will manage and control them as well as possible.

Nor is it acceptable for a third exogenous to be "evoked" to completely exile the other two, as it has already been done in the past: If the Undines are a threat to Shaper and Nzeer then they could also be a threat to our balance.

I think that maybe they could be brought up to help and restore the Nemesis universe but certainly not to condition ours node.

As Jarvis said in his manifesto: we are capable of changing the shape of the universe and we will do it with our philosophy and the way we play this game.


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