First Step to Faction Tessellation Groups

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To be very clear at the beginning of this i am Res but i want everyone to be able to enjoy this event so i figured a post like this may be needed. Obviously this is not an OPSEC forum so some things can't be shared and some things i do not know as i am obviously only one faction. I'm just trying to offer some help.

Since the Tessellation has been announced to have a badge at the end of the event, a lot of people have been showing interest in the event and participating. Niantic has given us a run down on how to participate in the tessellation which i will link here and suggest that everyone reads through it before they attempt to find their factions tessellation group.

Back to the OPSEC of this. Obviously the forums here do not offer the factions the ability to figure out these puzzles in a secure way without informing the other faction of what they've found. So, both factions have taken to their own chats outside of the forums in order to work on all of the puzzles that have been released to locate and score tesserea. Now, i cannot name these chats for obvious reasons but i can help in directing where you can start to find the chats i know of in an app called Telegram.

I know for a lot of people this is already known but this is specifically for those that don't know and need help.

If you do not have a Telegram, it is available for free for Android & IOS Users. You do have to sign up on a mobile phone but you can also use it on a pc, tablet, or laptop as well. Here's a wonderful guide on how to set up your account but please keep in mind of a couple of things! When putting in your name down you may want to put your agent name as you name and not your actual name. If somehow you forget that, don't worry! You can change it! This will make it easier for other trusted agents in your faction to be able to figure who you are so you can become verified for your factions chats!

Yes, you have to sign up with a phone number but you can easily make it so that no one see's that phone number unless you want them to. There's also a ton of different options to keep it so you aren't just randomly invited to any chat.

So now you have a Telegram Account! What do you do next?

If you are strictly looking for just your factions tessellation groups you need to find some one in your faction that can direct you to your factions groups. Luckily Telegram is used by both factions and is one of the more popular chats for agents in Ingress. It does not have a shortage of groups but sometimes it's a bit hard to find the right group. Because these chats are deemed OPSEC you will have to deemed a trusted agent to be able to join them. Each faction has their own way of vetting/verifying agents into their groups but here is some advice on how you can get it.

-If you have participated in IFS or any events, try reaching out to those in your faction that have been a part of those events! They may be able to vet you.

-Even if no one in your local community is involved in the Tessellation, they may know some one who is and can help you, it doesn't hurt to ask.

-Now that you have telegram, this is where using your agent name can help you! Many agents, like myself, use their in-game names as part of their telegram name. Try reaching out to agents you know and see if they can lead you in the right direction!

Telegram is pretty simple when it comes to searching for people you know. You can easily look up agents or peoples names by hitting the magnifying glass in the top right corner and typing in a name you know. This will pull up anyone they think you are trying to get a hold of or someone in your phones contacts list.

-Become active on forums or in chats! Yes. this is more of a longer standing solution but activity shows your interest!

If none these seems possible, it may be hard for you to become verified/vetted for the OPSEC chats but it doesn't mean you can't participate at all. Even some of the puzzles can be figured out without help so don't give up!

(Special Thank you to those that helped me with this advice section from both factions! You guys are awesome!)

If anyone wants to chime up on helping agents with this they can also comment below so that everyone can try and join in on the fun. I personally can only help the res with getting into our chats cause well im res. I will gladly point people to those i know on the Enl side but this is no guarantee you will be able to be vented/verified as i am not the head of any of these groups.

But what if you just want to investigate things and dig into the lore of it all without care of which faction you are a part of?

Well my friends there are actually quite a few Investigations groups out there that are cross-faction friendly. Some are not as active as others but if you are truly interested in getting into the lore, they are there to help! A good place to start your adventure is a Telegram group called Operation Essex and i am an admin there along with @wikkedimp @InvestigateXM and a couple others. You can see our complete list here of admins that can add you to the chat and start your journey into the lore! Others already in the chat can add you too! This is an english only chat for everyones information and there are other regional investigations chats. There are actually even other groups that help in translating all the intel dropped out there as well to help everyone in understanding the tessellation and overall storyline. You can find some of them linked here.



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