Wanted: Ingress API

daethnirdaethnir ✭✭✭

I'd love to have an API for stats.

Minimal viable product: API that will pull your and only your current stats. No history. You could use this to export your data into a third party system for your own tracking purposes.

Improvement 1: ability to grant access to that API for a third party service so it can pull your current stats in the same manner. You'd need to authorize it, so you're making a conscious choice.

Additional desires: ability to pull list of portals in an area including name, lat/long, and if it was a unique visit or unique capture for you. Ability to grant access to this to third parties as above. Would greatly help with unique hunting. (Though having this in stock intel would be a better solution.)

Non goals: API that can pull other agent's stats without their express permission.

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  • Do you requesting an API like the ability of agentstats .com ?

  • daethnirdaethnir ✭✭✭
    edited June 2019

    I'd envision an API improving how agentstats works. Currently you need to share your screenshots to agentstats, which then stores those values and provides great visualizations. However you are responsible for manually clicking the share button and sending them the screenshot for it to OCR.

    If, instead, I could authorize agentstats to pull my stats then it could get them daily without me doing any manual work. Same result, but and improved experience. And OCR, while pretty good, is not as reliable as just pulling down integers from Ingress itself.

  • daethnirdaethnir ✭✭✭

    Also, as the current maintainer of the Top 100 AP sheet, if folks were to grant me access then I could pull those stats right at publication time and be sure that they were as high as possible, compared to the ones that I manually log via the scanner over 2 days of clicking. Choice would still be in their control, but would be easier on me, and better stats for them.

  • sisimeonsisimeon ✭✭✭

    Guild Wars 2 has an amazing API which offers a lot of services. Something similar to this for Ingress would be amazing. wikiDOTguildwars2DOTcom/wiki/API:Main

    A simple static API, fetching stats as shown in the user profile in-app should only require a key/token to access. Hopefully with the new Prime engine this might actually become a reality.

    A good use case could be to display which keys one possesses on a map by fetching the inventory

  • GoonieGuyGoonieGuy ✭✭✭

    it'd be great for websites to be able to allow login based off ingress account and verify faction/level

  • MoogModularMoogModular ✭✭✭✭✭

    I mean we know there's some form of API there already. It's what was used to show top agents in hacking unique portals at the recent anomalies

  • @sisimeon Way back there actually was a website that plotted your keys on Google maps, the site didn't last long though. It showed you an inventory breakdown and the map with keys was at the bottom.

  • yah, i need this

  • DigitalisDigitalis ✭✭✭

    welcome to 2012. still wanting the api.

  • welcome to 2019. I'd still like someone to use some code they didn't write for their own personal gain, but they ain't getting it.

  • daethnirdaethnir ✭✭✭

    @Cybertherion I'm not sure what you're saying. If Ingress provides an API (which is code I didn't write) then I can use it for my personal gain (e.g. doing my own graphs and guestimating my next recursion) on top of it. That doesn't seem like a bad thing.

    Similarly, I get joy from playing Ingress. The scanner (which I did not write) uses APIs to the Niantic service in GCP (neither of which I wrote) and this seems to be working out well.

  • I was providing some open source satire. I didn't "write" the English language that I'm using, but I'm glad people also get joy from using it. Cheers.

  • TheKlutenTheKluten ✭✭✭

    I think a API is a good idea.

    It would make FS events so much easier if we could pull the agents stats right into the spread sheet instead of manuel input


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