#StayAtHome, is it just a slogan?

We're all having a bad period. Thousands of people are dying around the world, 23.000 and counting here in Italy, social medias are flooding with hashtags, and we are all doing our best to contain the spread of the Covid-19.

And every company in the world is doing his best to keep people safe at home, right? So is doing Niantic, with a new gameplay in Ingress, PoGo and HPWU to allow their users to play safely from home, hurray!

Now, imagine you are a Niantic employee. You receive multiple reports, from both factions, that a new, unknown player, Micuokkk, is violating the lockdown and playing in a dozen of different municipalities during a pandemic. 

With that the law stating that you can't go farther than 200 meters from your home, except for proven needs (and there is a fine up to 3000€ for violating the lockdown), the best scenario is that he's flying around with FakeGPS, in the worst that he's actually wandering, putting himself, and the public health, at risk. 

Fun fact, this so-called player also created an account of the other faction, Virdi, to level-up faster, en plein!

So, what you would do?

Well, Niantic ignored all reports, and refused to even suspend this account until the end of the lockdown.

https://nianticlabs.com/terms/ clearly states that is forbidden to "violate any applicable law or regulation;". They got reports of multiple violations of a law. Why is Niantic not applying their own ToS?

I'm not saying that Niantic is responsible for actions taken by players, but I think that is Niantic's duty to do everything in their power to protect the community. Hashtags aren't enough.


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