People who are using two accounts

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Hello. what can i do if i know about a player who is using two accounts, the same name and i've talked with him in COMM and no show interest to follow rules. Is a pokemongo player who recently begun to play ingress but is getting APcapturing a portal with their two accounts. I have reported to niantic but it havent pass anything. I know him in pogo but is a spoofer player, i think that he has tried to be spoofer in ingress and was banned. I have said him that spoof and two accounts are not valid here and need ask to niantic erase one but he says that not affect to me.



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  • They probably warned the player once. I mean it's only fair since they have implemented the "3 strike policy"...

  • ask andrew or brain rose.

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    How do we know it is not 2 family members fighting over portals? Or 'working together' like the diact field challenge?

    We don't.

    Fix the game design.

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    Nothing new, before pogo there was a local player who had 8 level 8+ accounts himself and mined a bunch during the day on the 3 portals in range of where he worked. He did put the time into it but it made the time to take a few portals around just not worth doing and the game not playing.

  • Niantic allowed win trading by promoting fs, so much recurses 😂.

  • I am the only ingress player in my town. Sucks to wait a week before I can refill those portals with resonators

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    This problem is very old. Years before Pokémon go there have been players with two or three accounts. I know a player who has three, and he would even greet you with the name of his main one even if you went to say hi becuase you saw him playing with the other (honestly, just trying to be friendly). Upon asking why he multi-accounts he just answers "because Niantic doesn't care; they have never banned me" and he has all his nearby portal leveled to 7 by his three accounts... And it's been literally years... So... Well... it is pretty sad...

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    Not a joke because there is no backpacking or win trading in pokemon go, which is Ingress's biggest flaws in the game for years

    Just by making all items no drop, it would legitimize Ingress events a lot more

  • 1)Ingress scaner redacter era mas seguro. No entiendo porque niantic no implemento esas medida en prime a pesar que cambiaron de servidores

    2) en teoria existe los llamado POC que supervisa las actividades y pasan informes a los administradores

    3) denunciar por a través del boots no veo que den resultado a pesar qué todos los q denunciamos pasamos respaldos de denuncia imágenes, screem, video,

    4) no hace mucho Ingress implementó las denuncias a través de telegram con el objetivo de q los boots sean minimo

    Pero este metodo no duro mucho.

    5) niantic nunca explicó como hacer de forma correcta e agil las denuncias

    Saludos agentes

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    Ohhh did I try to find a solution for this... I am sorry to tell you that it is very hard.

    This cheater is in my area... There is no solution at the moment, just report it and that is the only thing u can do right now.

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    Keep reporting that agent, eventually Nia will take some actions. That's really ridiculous type of gameplay.

  • Unfortunately, that is not enough to verify the account as a multiple. Imagine that someone was holding a grudge against you and created a new account named mortuus2. The name alone is not compelling evidence, but I have this sneaky suspicion that Niantic has access to data that would sort this kind of thing out, if they wanted too.

  • Keep reporting

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    they can check where the account plays, login ip info gps etc... it should be pretty obvious they play in same area. there is alot of info which every player shares when they login to prime that we dont know of

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    only L3? obviously not a very GOOD cheater...

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    This happens all the time, it's been happening since the beginning of Ingress and it's unfortunate. Keep reporting, have fellow agents report and something might happen. Hopefully your fellow agents from both factions won't integrate them into their communities.

  • I reported twice a player who had blue and green very similar names win trading between two accounts. Niantic don't care about dual accounting.

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    Funny story. Some people known to me played Ingress in late 2013 and having read up on it I decided to sign up in January 2014. Because my first choice of username was not available, I chose this one, which was kind of a joint effort between me and my son (for reasons that I won't go into). Mere seconds after helping me choose the name, he announced "right I'm signing up as well", so he downloaded the app and I started suggesting names for him, but I was too late because he said he was just going to sign in as Starwort2. He eventually gave up after a couple of years, joined Pokemon, then gave that up as well.

    So there's a L10 account in the game that has the same name as me but with a 2 after it (though the initial capital differs as well), and it played in the same areas as me and sometimes had the same IP address as me, but it is not me. Photographic evidence exists somewhere. And luckily one of the friends we knew before we joined Ingress was on the opposite faction, so they helped clarify to our confused opponents that they knew us in real life and that we are indeed separate people.

    [Of course he's decided the name is his now, so he's claimed it without the 2 on several other social media platforms.]

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    i have reported a spoofer to niantic multiple times, no action taken, the spoofer is teleporting to mexico, pakistan,india,san francisco,china all within a week duirng this lockdown period where no domestic or international transportation is available ,cheater is doing banner mission in different countries, accessing portals not available to access due to premises being closed for lockdown, but niantic doesn't seem to care

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