Stay at home glyph challenge!

Suggestion for NIA.

Let the Niantic Ingress Players assign each player a bronze, silver and gold key in the ingress store. Each player will choose which key they will choose to earn a glyph medal. Glyph does not need to return items but only record points. The NIA should limit the number of points for a bronze key, and thus for silver and gold.

Pokemon players and wizards have the ability to play from home and i think we think we should be able to play from home also.

Specifically in pogo there is an incense that is triggered to lure the pokemon and in wizards there is a tonic for trase detection. The same possibility can be suppressed by a glyph key in ingress.

What do you think about that?


  • My english is very very bad. Sory.

  • PkmnTrainerJPkmnTrainerJ ✭✭✭✭✭

    I think there’s some plans for Player Versus Enemy stuff coming. Recent datamines have found Battle Beacons and rewards for clearing these in the code.

    It is suspected to work like Raid Battles on Pokémon GO, or at least in a similar way. As Pokémon GO will soon have remote Raid Battles that you can do from home, it is hoped that the new Battle Beacon feature can be done from home too.

  • FOXlCFOXlC ✭✭

    Agreed with you, we need some kind of gameplay which may be acceptable during pandemic

  • lol maybe we need a portal on a satellite

  • Hay mucho que podría implementar Niantic pero una solución (creo yo) más rápida, copiar lo que tiene Pokemon Go. Aumentó el rango para poder llegar a los Gimnasios sin mayores dificultades

    Eso sería muy efectivo para la comunidad de ingress ya que hoy en día hay tenemos muchos lugares donde jugar y la cantidad de portales creció considerablemente.


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