Maps Ingress x Pokémon (Portals / Poke-stops)

This is the vital point of ingress 

THE WORLD IS YOUR BOARD Explore the world around you and interact with places of cultural importance - such as artistic installations, sights and monuments - to collect valuable resources with your Ingress Scanner.  

FIGHT FOR CONTROL Dominate territories by linking Portals and creating Control Fields to win your Faction's victory.  

WORK IN TEAM Design strategies and communicate with agents in your region and around the world. 

This is the vital point of the Pokémon 

DISCOVER THE WORLD OF POKEMON: Explore and discover Pokémon wherever you are! Get out there to catch Pokémon in the real world!

We agree that the initial map of the ingress portals may have been used for the initial map of the Pokémon, however it is necessary that this link has an urgent end. Incoming players need strategy and fixed locations to often set up operations that can take days to complete, such as creating Mega-Fields, cleaning areas and capturing anchor portals, it is not uncommon for teams with a dozen agents spread across different cities work together.

Pokémon players just need to go out onto the field and the more poke-stops and gyms the better, no joint planning is needed to perform their functions, and the location of the poke-stops is not as crucial.

With the recent possibility of pokémon players requesting poke-stops and mainly the possibility of requesting the change of the original location of existing poke-stops. 

There was a complete disfigurement of the game ingress where the strategy depends on portals in fixed locations and pokémon players need only quantity (the more the better) regardless if today is at point "x" and tomorrow at point "y" 10 meters forward.

 What we have seen in the last few days are portals being moved a couple of times a day, just as a result of requests from Pokemon players to release cells for the appearance of their poke-stops or the creation of poke-stops in their homes, the game for them develops differently from ingress. And there are already teams focused on installing iitc to move the poke-stops observing only and only "empty cells", there is no interaction with the real world, nor with fixed locations. In pokémon, the more the better, regardless of location. In this way it would be crucial that the maps were disconnected, as one game cannot interfere with the other in such an absurd and surreal way as it has been happening in the last few days. 

The way in which ingress was conceived and has been used ever since with its historical sites and points of interest has become totally disfigured with this link between the two maps and two distinct games. 

Portals have emerged in locations totally outside the context of the real world on a daily and constant basis. The ingress map cannot be at the mercy and hostage of the daily and constant changes made by Pokémon players. 

As well as pokémon players cannot rely on ingress players for approval of their requests for changes in poke-stops. We need independence and for the game to have its portals fixed again in original locations so that we can return to the origins and planned operations many times for days. 

Agents around the world are spending hours in OPR (Wayfarer) with dozens and dozens of unsubstantiated editions of portal locations made by Pokémon players so they can get more poke-stops, and this has completely disfigured the ingress map. 

We need independence or at the very least that pokémon players make their own, requests, approvals and mainly changes in their own game.


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