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The last few weeks have been challenging and incomprehensible.  We hope you’re all healthy and safe. We’re aware that many of our Ingress agents are on the front lines -- medical professionals, doctors, healthcare workers and people that provide essential services -- our sincerest gratitude to all of you. 

Ingress is much more than a game; we are a community. In these times of social distancing, we’d like to hear from you and facilitate messages of support and kindness to the community. Send us a sentence regarding how you’re feeling, fun indoor activities you're enjoying, how you’re digitally engaging with the local community or any short messages you’d like us to broadcast on your behalf. We will compile these messages and figure out a variety of ways to share with the global Ingress community. We would love to bring a personal piece of the community to you through fun Agent tidbits, stories, and shout-outs. 

Please submit any stories or messages you’d like us to share with the community in this form or share with us on social using the #IngressShoutOut. 

Here are a few messages from the Niantic Ingress Community:

Stay strong, and we’ll get through this! Much love from the Ingress SF community. 

Excellent work @siva and @halette for discovering the Tessera! NO POINTS FOR NEMESIS!! Cheers from EMEA community!

Shout out to @Seeker out in Hyderabad! Thanks for recharging and keeping my Portal alive! You rock! 🙌🏼From @Maverick 

Welcomed a lot of houseplants into my home to lift my spirits! It sure feels great to be surrounded by all this green! 💚🌵🌿💚

All your minds are belong to us. - Nemesis 

We look forward to reading your submissions!

—The Ingress Team

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