Recent flood of low quality POIs / portals


Has anyone else noticed a surge in low quality portals appearing throughout the network or is it just my area. Loads of simple numbered walking waypoints, uninteresting bridges and hardly significant entry point signs to forests have been appearing all around here. It is really turning a game which used to be about visiting cool and interesting place into a sludge past yet another string of uninteresting portals and locations.



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  • Lucky you guys getting new poi around your area. Apparently in my country, everyone who had a poi rejected in the past, now that has time due to corona quarantine, started doing this new wayfarer and every single submission gets rejected no matter what it is. The other game reviewers have made things more fare for everyone here lately :)

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    Yeah and guess who is submitting those...

    HINT: Po..mon trainers!

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    I've given up on this. Nowadays I just check if a new portal is in the correct location. All other criteria: "Niantic wanted this."

  • man that grammar is bad “new community that lacks of poke stop” “riverview community that area many people walking”???? WHAT?!

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    I submitted a portal a while back that was a replacement for one that was invalid and removed. I just happened to find a poem on the sidewalk and submitted it. And this one just happened to be approved (I also wanted a new gym in that spot as well which for some reason never happened. But there’s no point in submitting the same POI twice)

    The only problem is now nobody can access it due to COVID19 the area its in is near a playground and the whole area is closed off for now.

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    oops I just realized that I submitted my portal with the wrong name! The poem is called the leaf and the raindrop not the leaf and the rainbow. I just submitted the actual name.

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    Absolutely agreed with you, I think that's because of PoGo players that are able to submit portals. From my experience, they aren't even checking the rules before submitting lol

  • Theres always garbage among the subs and not all are from pogo players.

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    In areas that only Pogo agents play, the amount of bench portals and Little Free Libraries (on residential land) coming from these areas are astounding. Or just Bench portals in general. Which is likely why my Wayfarer often drops into the red after one starring multiple bench subs in a session.

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    My hometown got its first PoGo submitter a few weeks ago. Since then we've had a few memorial benches, a senior care center, a high school sports field, and a public works office approved.

    This is it, folks. Submit whatever you want. The bar won't get much lower.

  • "half" lmao

    Nearly every GO player has multi accounts, some of them 6+

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