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Well, Truthseekers, it looks like Nemesis wants to talk peace. I know some of you have been suggesting this for a while. Assuming the Osiris Magnus chooses to go through with it, I thought I would do some legwork with you all beforehand. If you have any burning questions you want Nemesis to answer, feel free to post them here, and I'll pass along as many of them as I can.




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    Have the Undines helped / hindered humanity / the Shapers / NZeer since their presence was made in the nemesis node?

    Nemesis keep asking us to join their ranks, yet we haven't received any Intel on how to do so. So, how can we join nemesis?

    Who is the thethered hand? Why have you imprisoned them?

    What happens when your members are defeated?

    Does Tycho exist within your node?

  • 1) Who and what is the tethered hand?

    2) Why is the tethered hand releasing the tessare in our universe to unlock the tessalation?

    3) What's in store for the faction for completing the tessalation?

    4) Are the nemesis members actually defeated from the Osiris node or are they able to come back again?

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    Of course, right after I started collecting questions in Essex, you're opening a thread. I know you're in the Essex chat, so say hello from time to time 😉


    Dear Nemesis, 

    we know of the horrors that transpired in your universe, and I think I can claim that we don't want the same happening to our node. However, the methods you use are not instilling trust in us. We, as truthseekers, want to know what happened. If you could answer some of our questions, we might be more willing to hear and help you out. Optima said it herself: Let us bury the hatchet.

    My personal question: Is Courier really the Hank Johnson from the 1218 node, and if so, what happened to the Hank from the Nemesis node?

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    1) What does it mean that the key to Exogenous Requiem was resonance?

    2) What does it mean that the Exogenous year is 13 months?  Does a month mean 28 days?

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    Which kind of exogenous ended up coming into the Nemesis node?

    Shapers, N'Zeer, Undine, something else?

    What are the main differences among them?

    How did the 12-13 of you escape?

    Where is ADA? Did ADA know?

    Did the exogenous transformation of your world happen immediately or was it a gradual one?

    Why couldn't you just take the fight to the exogenous?

    How many more nodes do you know of?

    How is an exogenous different from a regular human or an xm-sensitive human?

    What exactly happens if the exogenous don't come into Osiris?

    How exactly did you get from the Nemesis node to the Osiris node?

    Why didn't you just use scanner technology to have agents break away from the ENL/Shaper aligned or Res/N'Zeer aligned factions? Create a 3rd faction.

    How are you accessing the portal network on Osiris? Is is new tech? Prime artifacts? You're exogenous? Each time Nemesis has been doing things in the portal network that Osiris or 1218 sensitives couldn't do normally.

    What's happening in the Sarah Coppola node? Can you spy on other nodes?

    Why did you pick the Osiris node? Aren't other nodes just as close to welcoming the exogenous?

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    Why the font names?

  • BihotzBihotz ✭✭✭

    What's the difference between the platforms of Nemesis and of the Resistance. Ideologically, isn't the Nemesis platform a more extreme version of the Resistance's platform?

    What is the philosophy behind the designs of the iconic Nemesis outfits? The Nemesis necklaces? Why the choice of presenting yourselves with robotic voices, as well as why did you choose red for your faction color?

    How do we agents know that you will honor the results of the Tessellation? How do I know that you won't, figuratively, flip the table on us?

  • SjarlotteSjarlotte ✭✭✭

    What made you feel like you could make decisions for us, as if we would make the same mistakes like you did?

    I don't know how things are in your node, obviously, but here we usually prefer thinking for ourselves. (So give us information and space to choose)

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    What's so bad about having cybernetic augmentations?

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    Thanks @Truthseeker for asking our questions. my questions are:

    1. How Nemesis runes saves us from exogenous?
    2. Why do you all use typeface names? Aren't they your real name, is it?
    3. Do all members of Nemesis looks like Osiris or 1218 Magnus? Is there any member who doesn't look like them?
    4. Are all members of Nemesis same as before Exogenous ingression? Or any members changed?
    5. What do you mean in the hourglass you wear or setting it as Nemesis logo?
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    I have some questions for nemesis before I declare peace with them why didn’t you seek other entities besides the shapers and nezier because everything that’s been told there both bad some more then others and if the others can’t be trusted why didn’t you become like the exogenous to help others and if none of them can be trusted what is a path to protect us from them and us to become like them so we can evolve and grow on are own terms also I’m in the process of getting my name changed to evolutionarycocoon or evolutioncocoon also wish to hear back from you also when I do hear back give me time to decide if I’m with you against you or natural

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    1 - So, as a Resistance agent, what always scared me about the Enlightened is the way they worship some kind of cosmic order and destiny, but the recent Jarvis Manifesto is way beyond that. Jarvis talks about the way he became a pure XM substrate, and says it is the ultimate goal of the Enlightened. He talks about the exogenous taking us over "thought after thought, cell after cell", implying that our body will also be affected, I guess purely destroyed. Is that what happened in your node, and did he plan all that? If so, how did he become Avenir? Is it related to the fact that the "multiversal" Jarvis cannot connect to Avenir?

    2 - Ultima said that all life disappeared, and Jarvis, in his Manifesto, says that the exogenous are interested in life as a whole, not just humankind. Did this crisis affect animals, or even plants and other living organisms? If the phenomenon was so universal, how did you manage to escape?

    3 - Before your warnings, I was ready to trust the N'Zeer. I thought that, because of their link to technology, they would be more materialistic, less absolutist than the Shapers. If technological growth of humankind really is their goal, what would be their interest in destroying every physical life? In fact, which exogenous really are responsible for what happened?

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    If we have peace now, who will we fight for the last two medals?

  • MoogModularMoogModular ✭✭✭✭

    Who or what exactly is Cooperplate? An entity that has observed many of the researchers deaths, in fact actually killed Jarvis! Even when looking at the possible font codenames, Cooperplate is used for font or text. It would be odd to see them be the Patron counterpart of Nemesis but it also makes me wonder what technology is at your disposal.

  • My second question to Nemo is what did the shapers do to the agents or people in there territory for example the nizeer forces people to become like machines not a big problem to me as a enlightened agent but they gained infinite knowledge it seems so what did the shape do to those they affected

  • 2 questions:

    1. Why did you initially attempt a hostile plan, instead of sharing the account of the 28 days from the beginning?
    2. Why did you not attempt to gather sympathy with the Osiris Resistance, given the seemingly shared common goal of blocking exogenous influence?
  • I've heard conflicting details about this, so maybe you can clear something up. Is it true that your kind can infiltrate other humans minds? If so why, and how is this possible.

    Also, about the Nemisis Runes. I hear that there are some risks that come with interpreting them, is this indeed true?

    Out of the other 12 nodes, why did you choose Osiris? The Epiphany Night that was expected in our node wasn't like the one in yours.

    Also, one more note, if your intent is to stop the researchers in this node, it's a bit too late for that. They're not the only researchers you need to worry about.

  • OthinnMxOOthinnMxO ✭✭✭

    Do you know anything of the Exogenous Precursors that appeared within the 1218 node back in late 2017?

    Is your group responsible (or at least aware of whom is responsible) for the deaths of the 1218 iterations of Ken Owen, Jay Phillips, and Ezekiel Calvin?

  • Nemesis

    Supuestamente fuiste tu quien deshabilito el scanner redacter, serias tan amable de reponerlo ? 😅

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    You will hope to be peace.

    But your name is the nemesis like the exogenous, destroyed your universe.

    Why are you Nemesis? it is the name of goddess of retribution.

    I look you like the exogenous.

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  • You had the temerity to **** the members of our faction, and assail our world.. Now you sue for peace?

    I've got a question: what would you like us to put on your tombstones?

    The Resistance never surrenders.

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    Nemesis, I understand you guys want to talk to peace, but why do you guys not release Osiris Niantic Project researchers include ADA and Wendy before start to talk to peace? If you want to talk to peace, release Osiris Niantic Project researchers include ADA and Wendy first of all.

  • Nemesis, the only thing we want YOU to do is get lost. Go away. Do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars. Just go away.

  • And you can go with them, PAC - working for them, doing their dirty work, pretending to be the Tethered Hand and thinking we're too stupid to know it's you.

  • Frenemies. Making peace so much reminds me way back what Jahan faced. So what's the dragon you face Nemesis that you want talk peace?

    Thanks @Truthseeker for making questions possible. Your GlyphAutopsyGuy

  • KatjinsKatjins ✭✭

    Res :) RMX

  • I really like talking about peace before any harmfull behaviour.

    But since we are here and have defeated most of you let's talk. But we will stricktly observe your behaviour and if we can trust you.

    My questions are:

    Why didnt you come in Peace in the first place? We now know what happened in your node, a good Powerpoint would have been better than imprissoning our researchers at first, I guess... As a proof of peace you could release our researchers before we stark talking.

    You are always saying: join our ranks. Some of us are asking themself how to do so? How to join Nemesis?

    Can you share your common knowledge about the Undine?

    Do you know who the Tethered Hand is?

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    @Truthseeker It seems like the researchers outvoted Jarvis 12 to 1 to talk to the Nemesis members

    Have you heard any further information about when they will try to set up a connection?

    Does the tethered hand have anything to do with this as well?

    I understand Optima/Nemesis Devra has been leaking Tesserae to us, does this mean she is connected to the tethered hand?

  • Hi, Nemesis.

    What were the new glyphs that didn't appear after the Aurora won the Glyph Hack Challenge?

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