Portal no valido y de difícil acceso para los agentes


  • es un portal que está en difícil de asceso, que está en una privada. Solo para poder acceder a ese lugar es solo personal de negocios.

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    This means it is accessible. Not for you, but it is by someone else. And it's close enough for you to destroy it from the street.

  • Te invito a que lo averigües, literal esta dentro de una recidencia privada.

    ¿Dime que persona entran a una recidencia privada? ¿Y luego ir a un corporativo de negocios?

    No es accesible para el público en general.

  • Hello, Hydraulinski, Yes the portal its accesible for only the ppl works on that company, and you cant close enough to the portal, Because everything close to the property is private property, you cannot get closer than 2 or 3 kms,

    That makes the game stop being so friendly, or makes agents of any faction could do illegal things to get it or destroy it,

    See you !

  • That portal must be removed from the game, i live in La Cruz and i always see links from that portal and prevent me to do my own links, there's no way someone can go there and take down the portal because is IN a privated corporate.

  • Por otro lado mandan link a otros portales de difícil acceso

  • That portal is a pain in the a**, it's a corporate facility and they have guards that don't allow access, it's unreachable to take down and it's unfair advantage to the faction that have it... It has to be removed from the game...

  • It's a corporation facility heavily guarded, and it's unreachable to take down, it's an unfair advantage...

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    Are enl employee there? If yes, they're actually doing nothing wrong. If they're cheating, you should report them.

    You should try report it and when got it denied, went to https://community.wayfarer.nianticlabs.com/categories/removal-appeals to appeal, with proofs that it should be removed.

    Being inside private company property isn't a criteria to removal thou.

    You should ague with them and settle down a peace and try to live together and deal with this. Bad use of a portal this durable might k1ll the game for everyone.

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