Nomination list went missing

FroyoRadeonFroyoRadeon ✭✭
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Hi everyone!

Recently i had encountered an issue where my nomination list went missing. Refer to picture below

This happened after i got a upgrades from the system. And my nomination list disappeared!

So i checked my filter list. Turn out all the box is unchecked. And so i went to ticked all the box and press "FILTER".

After pressing the "FILTER" button, the issue still persist! May i know what happened? I still have few nominate portals not being approved yet 😭



  • I have the same problem. Most of the nominations have disappeared. There are a small number of nominations left.

  • EngrishEngrish ✭✭✭✭

    There is a wayfarer Community now that is meant to voice issues. It's separate from the ingress community fyi.

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