What to do when an appeal is simply not answered?

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A month ago, I submitted an appeal, because there's a portal which to all my analysis is on private property, and that invalid portal request was rejected. To be honest, I had given up a bit on getting things like this fixed.... recently, I've found many of my invalid portals rejected, so I thought I would "work the process" for one portal.

In the month since that request, there has been no response from Niantic,

The thread seems locked. I can no longer comment on it, see if Niantic plans to respond, or what. Locking old threads is good ( generally ).

I understand if Niantic disagrees, but the point of an appeal is to get a response, one way or the other. I'm use to those responses being ... terse.... but.... no response at all?

Since then, many other appeals have gone through and been responded one way or the other. Lots of them. The issue doesn't seem to be about lack of ability to respond to appeals.

Thus, I'm bringing up the issue here - part of the issue seems the design of a "community thread" when the issue as an Appeal that needs adjudication.

IMHO, the appeals process is about appealing _to Niantic_ so there needs to be a Niantic response. Appeals are not really a community thing, although they can often involve a community discussion if Niantic wants it.

I would propose that every Appeal has to be marked "resolved" or "in progress" by Niantic, so Niantic can track the cases where there non-responded Appeals.

Basically - a help desk ticket, not a community thread.

Thanks for listening.


  • MoogModularMoogModular ✭✭✭✭✭

    Appeals have moved to http://community.wayfarer.niantic.com

    You can probably make a topic there and reference the closed thread.

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