Ingress 2.44.1 Release Notes

You should soon receive an update to version 2.44.1 of the Ingress app, which includes the following changes:

  • Feature: Enabled updated Sign in with Apple login method for iOS 13+ devices
  • UI: Updated nearby Portal cards to only show when there are no Portals within 500m, and reduced to two nearby Portal cards
  • UI: Increased visibility of Portals and Control Fields on the map screen
  • UI: Added an indicator icon for northernmost Resonator slot on deploy screen
  • UI: Added button to the Community at from main menu
  • Bugfix: Updated Mission Authoring Tool URL to 
  • Bugfix: Fixed softlock that sometimes occurred when recharging Portals
  • Bugfix: Fixed avatar sometimes not displaying when viewing another Agent’s profile

Additional notes:

  • Sign in with Apple asks Agents to confirm their Face ID or password at each login and after periods of inactivity
  • Sign in with Apple is currently available on the Ingress app on iOS 13+ devices only. Sign in with Apple on the web at,, and is not currently available. Agents should be able to link a Google account to sign in to these tools
  • On Android, the Settings menu has a blank space above options to link a Facebook or a Google account


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