Red/Fracking portal but NOT!

So there is this Red colored portal that basically looks like a “Fracking Portal” but doesn’t give x2,x4,x6 rezes,mods,etc... I asked a fellow agent and they said it will change back or be deleted or what not due to it being a glitch.. is it a “GLITCH”, I like using it, because it drops pretty rare mods. Ex. Softbanks,VRHS,VRMH,Jarvis,ADA’s etc on down the line.. I am concerned with FRACKING IT..? Can I or will it just eat my fracker? Also it has been this way since I started and nobody knows and I’ve never come across another portal like it.. ThanX’s in Advance


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    If you frack it again, it should go back to normal after that Fracker is done. It was a problem from over a year ago. They fixed some, but many are still stuck with the animation enabled. Last I saw was fracking it again, would turn off the animation when the fracker was done.

  • I suggest taking a photo of the location for your personal memories,copy the portal co-ordinates from within the game itself (copy symbol in top left of portal info),and finally raise a ticket with the support desk via the human team option either In game or via the ingress live chat on the website.

    If its anything like the one I discovered last year then its a fracker glitch where one was deployed and the game messed up and until reported it just remains pretty on the map and draws people in like the one i found did...

    I took out the green agent on the portal at the time after hacking the portal thinking it was a special rare portal of goodies and replaced it with myself as a blue agent and still afterwards it remained on fire with its red colour so I hacked again and it was just normal stuff that came out I checked via the In Game Comms and one of the local leaders confirmed it was a glitch so i got it fixed,

    It was/is the fracker that was previously deployed on the portal location that "Breaks/Fracks up" the flame mechanic at the time.

    Customer Support Can & Will Reset the portal though if you ask nicely.

    Hope This Helps.

  • Thanks for the feed back, and my bad for taking so many months to read this and reply. It just recently “ in game days” finally has been fixed (bug/glitch) , and yes you were correct about this glitch occurring after the said portal was Fracked. I actually ran into the agent in RL whom had deployed the fracker some 3-4 months earlier from the time I had crossed paths with them.

    Niantic finally got around to fixing the broken Code/bug that caused this fracker glitch to occur, but that was only around the time of the last update so it’s was a “Fracking” look-alike portal for quite a while. This is good knowledge for a Noob (new player) in case they come across this type of bug if ever it happens again in future patch’s/updates...

    one last thing I did notice when I did try to deploy a Fracker (DON’T Do if you come across one of these) is that it was a waste of a fracker, meaning no Keys x2,3,4 etc. or any rare or VR items.

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