First Saturday Results: April, 2020, SF Bay Area -- The Home Game

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Even without a badge tick, we wanted to have our First Saturday. So... we did.

14 agents gathered in a chat room and competed to see who could... recharge the most.

"I must admit that I never expected to be involved in an xfac recharge room" -- @Ravarii

"It was so boring, I fell asleep, but I woke up in time to submit my stats" -- Anonymous

The weather cooperated by giving us the traditional rainy day, to remind us of better times.

We had some chit-chat beforehand and as agents ran out of keys to recharge, both serious and lighthearted, with a fair number of pets showing up, as well as people showing off their home-made masks.

So, the stats:

14 agents, 5 enl, 9 res.

0 levels gained.

400,000 AP, total, with an amazing push at the end to get 11 agents across the 5000 AP threshold. (Thanks to the timely buff of recharge AP from 10 to 65...)

7 km of drifted Trekker. One agent drifted for a spectacular 2 km trekker! (You will need to imagine the play-by-play voice of your favorite sports commentator here. Could. Go. All. The. Way!)

4.7 million XM recharged total.

14 hacks, total.

There is a lovely driving banner created by @MrsSpectrum before the lockdown for a planned but cancelled low-contact FS event, which 6 people have managed to complete, shown here with the coordinating March banner and the Sunnyvale Heritage Park banner from @TeamWarez :

Some of us had technical issues with the chatroom, or were camera-shy, but we did manage to get 11 faces in the photo (this is not a collage, it's a screen capture from the chat app.):

(Most agents were holding their scanners; two Enl agents who were using their phones for the chat held up green swag items, and one iconoclast held their cat. Ignore the pink Gravatar; nothing to see there; move along...)

We are already discussing ways to safely include the one missing element, a registration portal, for next month. (Hey, @NianticBrian , we all have keys to NL-1331, can we borrow it for a day and flip/damage it halfway through so both teams can recharge it?)

All in all, this event worked amazingly well; many thanks to @MrsSpectrum for doing the heavy lifting. Tune in next months for more tales from the... First Saturday... Home Edition.

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  • Nice summary of a fun time!

    -- Omni

  • Many thanks to the organizers for the fun, it was good to see other players. There was even an IFS passcode shared so I have my monthly quota of 25x level 1 ultrastrikes. We got to experiment and fine tune the mechanics of how to squeeze the most AP out of recharging portals.

  • oh I like this

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