Bug: portal submissions not renewing

It appears the 14 extra portal submissions we got 2 weeks ago has done something a bit weird the the number of submissions you can do. I submitted 6 on March 12 and another 6 on March 19 - which counted for 8 due to the duplicate submission bug, and this exhausted my limit. So we then got the 14 extra submissions, and I submitted them all on March 21. I then received 8 new submission slots on March 25, which I immediately used, and things looked fine. I should have been able to submit 6 more yesterday - but I have not received my allocation.

 I suspect I won't get any until tomorrow, when I might (hopefully) get a full set of 14...



  • Something similar happened to me. I used 4 up prior to the event which I got back during in the event knky for them to disappear after the event finished.

    Casey had addressed this over on the Wayfarer forums, stating that they were looking into it, since a lot of players lost out on available submission slots.

  • Update: I got six back yesterday. So a delay of three days.

  • SubCmdrTauSubCmdrTau ✭✭✭

    Ditto - no submission slots yesterday, but 6 today. Previously I believe I had not used up all the available slots, they just disappeared for a day.

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