Apex Boost

New recruits to Ingress have a lot to learn as they ramp up and gain experience. Agents who forge ahead to unlock higher Access Levels often join local cells and communities, contribute to Portal Farms, or engage in Field Ops. We’d like to help welcome more Agents into these parts of the fold by making leveling more accessible.

Resembling a SIM card, the new “Access Point exploit” — Apex — temporarily modifies the Ingress Scanner to multiply AP earned for 30 minutes. Built using designs recovered from Oliver-Lynton Wolfe, the NIA created this Boost to help Agents level up so they are better equipped to defend against incoming threats, like NEMESIS. 

At this time, we are releasing a temporarily amplified version of Apex 2X at launch that earns double AP for 30 minutes. In the future, new and different, variant versions of Apex 1.5X and Apex 1.25X may become available in the Store.

To help illustrate:

  • With Apex 2X equipped: deploy a Resonator (250 AP); install a Portal Mod (250 AP); destroy an enemy Resonator (150 AP)
  • Without: deploy a Resonator (125 AP); install a Portal Mod (125 AP); destroy an enemy Resonator (75 AP)

While Apex is activated, a 30:00 minute timer is visible on the map screen. Returning to the Boost category of the inventory carousel allows Agents to extend Apex for an additional 30:00 minutes, up to 2:00:00 hours. (It isn’t possible to stack multiple Apex 2X concurrently for 4X AP.)

Please note that Apex are not hackable XM objects via the Portal Network. One Apex 2X will be added to each NEW ACCESS field kit when Agents level up (L2-8). Apex will also be available to all Agents in the Store.

For a limited time, four Apex will be available in the Store at 0 CMU to Agent accounts older than eight days starting today through April 9, giving Agents 2:00:00 hours of double AP.

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