Free NL1331 Meetup Badge

I know the chance is low and you most probably won't remove the badge but please consider that there are agents that connect certain stories and events to their badges.

Some are great stories, some are sad stories, stories of great operations/events/anomalies and so on. But for me at least every badge reminds me of doing something.

Sadly for me this badge will only remind me of sitting at home and doing nothing. Yes we should all stay at home under the current circumstances still some agents don't like the badge for different reasons.

Some for the reason i mentioned above, others for the reason they choose their badges themself and concenctrate on getting them all black or many other reasons.

Since I'm kinda sure you won't remove the badge from agent's profiles please consider at least announcing it next time before you just push it to everyone who did an action and is confused how he got it...

(Or find a way to opt out of/remove it)


  • The difference is you heard about it before and decided to open your scanner to get it.

    I, for example, got it before it was announced, so i didn't have that choice ;)

    And I'm not saying it is a bad idea, I'm just saying that not everybody connects the same with it and not everybody wants it for multiple reasons and might have chosen to not get it for multiple dofferent reasons.

    Some other will have chosen to get if for different multiple reasons.

  • Yes. That's fair.

  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited April 2020

    For me im happy as I saw the nl cities.. Nothing close to me and I would find it hard go justify going long for a nl badge.. So atleast i have badge unlocked only mission day badge left locked but how i will do dat with corona etc i have no idea...

  • I got the unwanted medal from a normal fasthack. The announcement says "recharge or glyph hack". So why was it forced to ma profile when i decided NOT to glyph or recharge?

    Please remove it NIA.

  • Have the Van icon...Check.

    Started with 3 meetups on the ticker... check.  

    Hacked a portal...

    Recharged a portal...

    Captured a portal... 

    Blew up a green portal... 

    Glyph hacked a portal...

    Straight hacked a portal...

    No-Key hacked a portal... 

    Restarted app. 

    Force stopped app. 

    Restarted phone. 

    Uninstalled Prime.

    Reloaded Prime.

    Did everything again.

    Still have 3 meetups... :/

  • Do you know for a fact that you had 3 NL-1331 meetups before March 30th? I had to check my Agent Stats to confirm that I had only 2 before this virtual NL-1331. If you're sure, then a support ticket is the way to go.

  • NineBerryNineBerry ✭✭✭✭✭

    Check the your weekly stats to see whether you got one up this week

  • SouLPrison3rSouLPrison3r ✭✭✭
    edited April 2020

    I'm happy/little sad about the bade. Happy; if not for this situation, i probably would never had gotten the badge. Sad; it wasn't earned.

    They could have at least made the van like a Pokemon spawn. You stay online and wait/look around for the van to spawn. You can either go to the nearby area where the van spawned( under the current situation not everyone can leave home) or wait/get lucky for the van to spawn near you and then click on it and claim badge. At least some effort was put into this instead of normal hack.

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