[Idea] Passport Stamps for keys / Key History

I like the idea that I can scroll through all my keys and see all the places I've been. It's like having a stamp in a passport book. But, when those keys are used, those locations are gone. I would suggest that we add a key history area. Where you can see a list of all the portals you've gotten keys from. The first time you hacked that portal and on what day and time along with the standard portal information would be great. You could even have a "key" section like the badges. It would also be nice if you could figure out a way to open that location in the intel map.

The Key History area would also be a great way to share your adventures with other players as well as show them places they can go that they would like to see for themselves. Shareable links would allow you to show people physical locations more easier as well. You could even add unique badges. ie. Add any 20 of the following locations to your key history. This could be a list of museums, or parks, or roadside fruit stands.

I see options here but I just think it would be cool to look back at my key history.


  • oscarc1oscarc1 ✭✭✭✭✭

    I think there would be many disadvantages to a key history or log book. For those of us that hack hundreds of portal in a day, or thousands of portals per month, the information would be overkill and be completely useless. For people that go out to strategic portals (especially in silence), a key history could reveal their position. It could also be used for stalking people and determining their habitual movements through the game.

    If you want to keep a memento of where you have been, hack a spare key and keep that. Or use a Quantum Capsule to duplicate the key. If you want to share locations with other people, write a sitrep or share a photo album.

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