Harassment trought Invalid Portal Reports


After destroying some farm portals in nearby city, and spoting a spoofer, I'm now being harassed by having the portals created by me reported and some of them are being successfull at it.

Today I just noticed it happening in real time, 4 portals were gone. I made some plans last night and today all I had was a bugged key in my inventory. I proceed anyway and linked to the closed one, by the time I went to the other spot to close my field, the portal and the links were gone. And spoted 3 more portals absent, only with the XM puddle in the ground on my way arround my neighborhood.

What do I do? I'm gonna appeal every single one of them, because they're all at the same place, and I want a second opinion on them. But this won't stop the following reports.

This isn't just attacking me. I can actually just submit them all again and get extra point on discovery, but meanwhile they're damaging all Niantic games, removing valid waypoint from the system, prevent PGO and HPWU from playing accordly, since those use the ammount on waypoint in regions to create gym, fortress, etc.

At the moment I noticed 8 portals removed, just in the last week. They all disappeared one day or two after interecation with them on comm. Since I player today in another area, I'm expecting two more to be gone soon. I do not mind portals being removed if they don't exist anymore, since a lot of graffiti, street art and paintings might get covered at any moment, but that's not the case here. That's just harassment and chieldish hatred.

@NianticKN see you soon on appeals. You and me are gonna have a lot of extra work because of this situation. I hope if its possible to do a massive restore backtracking and restore them, that's possible?



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